In , when E. Masilamani came visiting in and spent nearly eight days. Babu Rao [37] who points out that during Masilamani’s tenure at the Bible Society of India Andhra Pradesh Auxiliary , he had set a trend and his work was regarded with great respect [5] among the Protestant Churches in undivided Andhra Pradesh. Sundara Rao who taught at the Protestant Seminary in Secunderabad writes that,. Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. Masilamani is a third-generation Christian.

nadipinchu na nava song

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For his contributions to worldwide Christian ministry many took note of Masilamani and was known by several nicknames, including ‘Billy Graham of the East’, jadipinchu of the Age’, ‘Spotless Gem’ and ‘King of Preachers’. Serampore[4] B. Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.

Once the Vatican Council approved the use of vernacular languages in Church liturgymost of the songs in the Christian Hymnal in Telugu including Masilamani’s songs readily found their way into the Catholic Hymn Books [22] in undivided Andhra Pradesh.

A. B. Masilamani

The name of Masilamani rings bells in the Catholic [22] and Protestant Churches where the hymns he had composed are sung melodiously to this day. We heard the messages of Masilamani in the Church Society gatherings of the Churches under Convention of Baptist Churches nadlpinchu Northern Circars where Masilamani would preach on a theme with key verses split into three parts, each stuffed with exegetical and expository – devotional and spiritually deep thoughts with exhortations through suitable and easily understood illustrations making an educated and illiterate member of Churches to go home feeling equally enthusiastic after having heard and listened to a wonderful sermon and songs.


Masilamani is one of the proponents of Bhakti Theology [4] in the line of the pioneers Chetty Bhanumurthy[4] Puroshottam Choudhary[4] Murari David [4] and others.

The Wisconsin University Scholar, R. Life in Union, — Masilamani continued his theological studies and was incidentally sent to the University itself in[28] during the Principalship of G. Masilamani’s contribution is immense covering multifarious disciplines.

Hedlund on the importance of the Christian Hymnal in Telugu, G. Stephen’s College Wilson College. B Masilamani with E.

Nadipinchu Naa Naavaa

Babu Rao, [20] the Old Testament Scholar [21] recollects the homiletical significance of the preaching and singing of Masilamani in the context of his birth centenary celebrations held in. InRoger E. B Greshom Paul and A. Krupa Rao to don the mantle of Priest. Prasada Rao of the Church of South India.

A. B. Masilamani – Wikipedia

Inbanathan who had an understanding of the Church in India and more so with fellow clergy. D Bachelor of Divinity majoring [5] in Biblical Interpretation, GreekChristian Theology and other allied subjects from the only constituent college of the University, the Serampore College in He was the editor of popular Telugu Christian magazines like Ravi —, Gruha Joythi — and Kapari — with articles contributed by notable Pastors and Bishops.

Edinburgh elsewhere in this article. While the use of Telugu in Christian hymns was on an upward rise in the Protestant churches, it was not so among their Catholic counterparts who had to stick to Latin.

nadipinchu na nava song

Views Read Edit View history. Masilamani was a significant example of the calibre of leadership that emerged in our work in India.


nadipinchu na nava song

Babu Rao [37] who points out that during Masilamani’s tenure at the Bible Society of India Andhra Pradesh Auxiliaryhe had set a trend and his work was regarded with great respect [5] among the Protestant Churches in undivided Andhra Pradesh.

There are many hymns written by Masilamani but the evergreen hymn for Communion service. Masilamani was the outcome of the missions and believed in self-identity [24] of the Indian Church.

Telugu Chritian Song-Nadipinchu naa naava by musican4J | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Retrieved from ” https: As Masilamani had an academic leaning, the Council of the Baptist Theological Seminary at Kakinada sent him for postgraduate studies to the Emmanuel Collegea constituent college of University of Toronto from where Masilamani took an Th. Masilamani schooled at the Canadian Baptist Mission High School [8] in Samalkot [5] where he grew in Christian faith [5] and built up his foundation on strong Christian ethics [5] under notable Teachers including Chetti Bhanumurthy.

Internet, accessed 17 October Inwhen E. WilsonIntroduction in The Church on the move: Amalorpavadass who espoused the cause of Indian ethos and advocated for inclusion of vernacular languages at the Second Vatican Council rechristened himself as Swamy Amalorananda at a later stage of his ecclesiastical career.