I’m not a music critic so can’t come up with creative sentences about her voice or her powerful lyrics. Great for political discontent, or for dabkeh. This song is called Anteeka. I spent two hours yesterday selecting new music and compiling a performance CD and they disapproved of all but two songs. If with lyrics or by a well known artist, the music must be from Syria or Lebanon 2. Sunday 18 August

nagham masry mp3

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nagham masry mp3

But it sounds exactly like Khalas! I really really like somber arabic music, like Oren Chen ballads I guess you could call themmadry with a female singer. Rango El Dammah Theater. It should be as fast as possible 4.

Thursday 11 April Monday 29 April Along with Mirai and Left Bank. CD2, being party songs, about bling and what not. Friday 19 April Saturday 31 August He’d been making music for years before that, had 3 mixed tapes before this, and wront songs for massari.


nagham masry mp3

Monday 22 April Log in No account? Wednesday 7 August I have no idea how the singers of this jp3 were able to sing the whole thing without laughing.

First off, I present to you: Tuesday 25 June My only hope is that they are masrg good that they are worth repeating: Friday 12 April Monday 16 September Can anyone recommend some Arabic hiphop along the lines of Asfalt or Dam?

View all trending tracks. His album, Revolution, is split into 2 discs.

nagham masry mp3

Monday 5 August Thursday 4 April The stunning coffin is believed to have been stolen in Monday 29 July Wednesday 11 September Monday 9 September I posted this song before but the link is gone.

I already go to demna, but demna. Wednesday 5 June Sunday 28 July I’m currently resisting the temptation to find some Syrian speed metal–maybe that would appease their desire for stupidly fast music? Wallaat – Hob 3al Hajiz MP3.