Taking into account that the significant use of electronic records in health has become ubiquitous in the vocabulary of information technology in health, and that information has to flow, interoperability between the systems is essential. The quality of the health information systems is a worldwide concern, and a series of initiatives is being undertaken in countries including the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, so as to promote security in the design, acquisition and implantation of information technology in the health area 1. The PROCEnf-USP r was evaluated during the implementation phase, and the nurses judged items such as visual comfort and the handling of the system, documentation, information and content. National efforts to improve health information system safety in Canada, the United States of America and England. Due to this change, it was necessary to add new questions to the evaluation instruments.

nbr iso iec 14598

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In the international scenario, the experience of administrators, nursing managers, nurses and other users with the implementation nrb EHR evidenced the achievement of operational advances through greater access to information, increasing the accuracy of documentation, implementation of evidence-based practice and cost reduction, as well as improvements in the quality of the care and greater staff satisfaction.

nnr Following the updating of the standard, new characteristics were added and others received more accurate names. Each evaluator received a clinical case, whose use was optional, in order to undertake evaluation of the system.

Rio de Janeiro; However, performance efficiency, reliability and compatibility all obtained rates below the parameter established.

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The inclusion nbt were: For each question from the idc instruments, the specialists attributed the following scores: Emphasis is also placed on the positive evaluation from the administrators in relation to the return on the investments 5. Quality-in-use metrics are only available when the final product is used in real conditions. Int J Med Inform. In this regard, it is appropriate to consider that the process of implementing and maintaining a computerized system involves costs and requires the directing of concentrated efforts, involving structural, processual and financial variables.


Usability obtained the highest frequency of responses of ‘Disagree’. The evaluation of the usability of the computational tools for the teaching of nursing in intensive care, undertaken by undergraduate students, highlighted positive points in relation to the ease of use and the visualization of the screens. 145598

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Stud Health Technol Inform. The PROCEnf-USP r was evaluated during the implementation phase, and the iao judged items such as visual comfort and the nbrr of the system, documentation, information and content.

Based in this formula for calculating characteristics, the ‘Not Applicable’ responses were discarded, as the specialists were not able to evaluate these, either as a result of lack of resources, lack of information, or even lack of specific knowledge on the subject addressed.

After the signing of the terms of consent, instructions was sent for undertaking the evaluation, along with a link for accessing the PROCEnf-USP r system over the Internet, an evaluator’s password for exclusive access to the system’s academic environment, and the registration of a fictitious patient. The tabulation of the data and the calculation of the characteristics were undertaken using the Excel r tool.

One study on the evaluation of changes in the quality of the processing of information in nursing, immediately prior to, and one year after, the introduction of a computerized nursing system concluded that there had been significant improvement in the quality of the nursing documentation, as well as support during the patient anamnesis and care planning.

The sample was made up of 37 evaluators. A review of the literature regarding the use of the EHR in nursing demonstrates that the nurses are dissatisfied with the systems, as these were not designed to meet the needs of clinical practice, evaluating the participation of these professionals directly in the development, planning and design of the software as an essential condition if one is to guarantee ixo complexity and essentiality of the profession National efforts to improve health information system safety in Canada, the United States of America and England.

As a result, the notion of user extends to operators as well as to programmers, which are users of components such as software libraries. Int J Med Informatics.


nbr iso iec 14598

This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License, which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. The quality characteristics and sub-characteristics were evaluated through key questions, adapted from the evaluation instrument used by Sperandio sio.

Vc is the value of the characteristic measured; Vsc is the value of the sub-characteristic measured; nsc is the number of sub-characteristics; m is 1, if the response is positive, otherwise being 0; n is the total number of measurements; nd is the number of questions discarded. This standard stems from the GE model for describing software quality, presented in by McCall et al.

nbr iso iec 14598

The authors observed a lack of clarity in relation to the time spent on the electronic nursing documentation and its impact on patient care 6. The standard provides a framework for organizations to define a quality 41598 for a software product.

nbr iso iec 14598

ISO standards by standard number. The nurses evaluated the system positively, mainly because it contributes to the nurse’s clinical reasoning and because it relates diagnoses, results and interventions 4.

ISO/IEC 9126

Performance efficiency and usability obtained the highest frequency of score for ‘Disagree’. In Brazil, the implantation of computational tools integrated with the Electronic Health Record EHR for documenting the Nursing Process NP has been a gradual process, and is found in different stages of implementation.

This level of quality is reached when the system’s functionalities meet what was stipulated in its requirements. How to cite this article.

It is believed that a new technology can bring profound transformations, and that a system can be considered successful when it meets the users’ needs, is easy to use, is not prone to failure, and changes things for the better 3.