Like a vast flat landscape pinched by Providence’s hand and pulled up to create different scenes. That day when you ingenuously believed in the goodness of people and the sweetness of romance. I realised the prank later on, and felt rather stupid though infinitely more relieved that my music system was still with me. The song itself is simple in meaning, but as every devotee and lover of God knows, expressive of a completely true devotional or spiritual experience. As we grow up, we seem to be empowered to rid our lives of difficulties and fill it with joy, but we seem to be largely incapable. We rarely chose what was played, when he was around. Some memories don’t stand alone by themselves.

ninne kandu kothi mp3

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That day when you ingenuously believed in the goodness of people and the sweetness of romance.

ninne kandu kothi mp3

Dad’s collection of Ayyappa bhajans were nearly all sung by Yesudas or Jesudas. How amusing it is to find a slightly different life pulled up in front of you every time based on what you started with. Newer Post Older Post Home.

How much we might try to isolate that one gem from the bag of glass marbles which we reach into! How much we claim to want just that as if it is merely the fall of Autumn, an ochre leaf which we can place between pageforget for a while and then exclaim in genuine joy in having found it after several years making your day smile with the same sunshine as that day when you had found this leaf.


Download Ninne Kandu Kothi Theernnoru! Aa Divya Naamam (). (Prajeesh) – MP3

I listened to my first Michael Jackson and Madonna tracks on it blue and white Maxwell brand cassettes. Jesudas is of course, as always flawless in his musical rendition through his soft ,p3 mellifluous ideal-for-ghazals voice. Of the many songs that played through the chambers of my childhood, I will present and translate one of them. She would be touched, you had thought.

ninne kandu kothi mp3

Loved the following line! Nevertheless, it is far far more melodious than what is currently boomed out of speakers on roadsides during the Dec. She would be touched to know that you see her in everything in your life. Emotional and beautiful, devoted too – both your nostalgia and the song – to a past and to God.

I’m on your blog after a long time and it was worth my time like always. I wept my heart out and perhaps even hated my uncle for doing this to me.

Ninne Kandu Kothi Song Download

I don’t even have a picture with it though there oandu this really cute picture of my sister sitting on it. They hold hands mp and usher in others and before you know it, your entire life blossoms all over again with a different cynosure every time. I would, surely, write about them some other day and would restrict this post to the collection of Ayyappa songs my father had. Thudichidum nin chaithannya palaazhiyile.


What I offer is to the best of what I carry with me. Orikkal nin mala pon mala pookiya bhakthanu veendum. We rarely chose what was played, when he was around.

ninne kandu kothi mp3

Kandaal mathi vannidumo ninnude komala roopam. All errors welcome correction. That day and days thereafter dragged into your today by a single withered leaf skeleton, holding just a fragment of what it was that day, but fresh with the memories of that day, full, warm and still populated with that minne fragrant canine still running after so many years.

Yes, the music systems of the yesteryears weren’t an iPod and people could actually sit on them imagine someone sitting on your iPod Nano. You walked up to it and picked it up thinking you would gift it to L. Kettaal mathi vannidumo ninnude keerthana jaalam. What happened afterwards perhaps shortens your smile now, but that day She would, wouldn’t she?

Dear P, Thank you. He was the king of the house. Once done please read the translation yes, wipe those tears, too. Sunday, August 01, Ninne Kandu Kothi.