Dual gigabit Ethernet ports. The camera support list is updated every month. High recording throughput Mbps. High channel streaming out: User can separate the recording stream from viewing stream to ensure the cleanest recording pipeline. Search recorded video for 5 events including motion start, motion stop, unit connection lost, manual record mode start, and manual record mode stop. Please check NUUO spec sheet for more detail.

nuuo titan client

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Base IP License included in server.

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Graphical user interface to setup recording schedule featuring unique day mode and week mode. Web Viewer logins to the Recording Server via 4 different user groups: Support multiple layer of E-Map. Moreover, users can stitch multiple cameras together to form a unified single view from up to 10 different cameras.

Several modes are supported on live view and playback. It supports up to 64 channels of megapixel recording with Mbps throughput. Open platform support full SDK for integration with third-party systems such as access control, automation, burglar alarm, video analytics and others.

With this centralized structure, total camera loading remain the same level, thus ensure good recording quality even with maximum of remote client access. User can freely choose the desired streaming profile based on the bandwidth available.


User can be instantly notified of these events through NuClient, Email and special outputs such as siren. Titan supports 4 different external events and 3 system events. Show videos from up to servers.

For those unsearchable cameras, user can manually insert it. Protect for original recording from alternation with our watermark verification tool. Nujo users on camera and system event through sound, digital output, and Email. Continues to feed the Titan NVR power at an event of power outage.

NUUO Software

Manage multiple servers, and channels of centralized live viewing simutanoeously per client to manage different devices from Titan main- sub servers structure. Automatic Camera Model Detection: Dual gigabit Ethernet ports. The camera support list is updated every month.

nuuo titan client

User can freely access Public View or setup its own customized view list for private access. User can access Titan anywhere through browser without having to install the client software.

Furthermore, icon indicator will change status when event happened and instant playback video will popup via double click.


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Every Titan stream up to camera connections to multiple clients simultaneously for Live View. It also support View Tour to loop through different selected Views. Original, Rectilinear mode, Single-view panorama mode and Dual-view panorama mode. Firmware and Release Not. English Where to buy Login.

User can separate the recording stream from viewing stream to ensure the cleanest recording pipeline. File Ring was engineered from scratch nuo handle high megapixel recordings by changing the way hard drives store and retrieve video data. Automatically back up the recorded file through FTP to another storage device locally or remotely.

nuuo titan client

View, View group and View tour: System, Setting, Management and Integration:. Synchronize user accounts and critical events across multiple servers, with channelof centralized live viewing simultaneously. View, View group and View tour.