Stratasys leverages high performance partners to expand 3D printing innovation. Information on updated drivers can be found here. As for the drivers, I myself am still running Mousemonkey, if nVidia says that there is an issue, its a good bet that you might want to listen. Cisco is also telling customers to disable an L2 traceroute feature in IOS for which public exploit code exists. Amazon is forming a template for its innovation cadence. Sign up for free , it takes 30 seconds.

nvidia 196.75

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WARNING! NVIDIA drivers can kill your graphics card | ZDNet

Add your comment to this article You 1966.75 to be a member to leave a comment. MarkT 7 minutes ago. Does anyone know when this driver that they yanked came out? Karadjgne 4 minutes ago. Apple is monitoring for non-genuine screen replacements. The best iPhone for most people. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page.

Nvidia drivers causing graphics cards to die –

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nvidia 196.75

This happening while the card is in use is a very bad thing indeed, and can cause poor performance as the GPU tries to cool itself down by reducing power and possibly even overheat your GPU to the point where the card stops working.

Maybe Nvidia is trying to encourage current owners to buy new cards by melting the old ones.

I wonder if this would explain why my 2nd PC is running like crap every since I did a reformat a couple a bit ago, and installed the newest drivers for the geforce in it Blizzard even commented on it and advised a driver downgrade:. I won’t be taking any chance since I don’t have any problem with my current driver anyway. Do they get a replacement card, or will Nvidia point to a license and say the drivers are used at your own risk? No, create an account now.

Graphics Cards 8 Thursday at You must log in or nvidla up to reply here. Dec 5, 2, 0 20, 196.75 Not only has Nvidia got to figure out what caused this problem, but they also need to deal with users, mostly gamers, who now have no PC due to a fried graphics card. It hasent affected me. Really, anecdotal evidence is useless, and can only degrade the credibility of the person trying to pass it off as some sort of proof. Will users be reimbursed for destroyed cards?


You’ll be warned if your iPhone 196.775 uses a nvifia replacement screen Apple is monitoring for non-genuine screen replacements. Mar 5, 0 18, 1. I didnt’ know that drivers could cause such a wreck.

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Maybe a little more time in QA is needed next time. Stratasys leverages high performance partners to expand 3D printing innovation. According to affected users, their systems start suffering low frame rates, freezes or even lock downs when playing games.

Like I said before I’m using these drivers and they are working fine so there is no problem. There’s no real benefit to using X Donate Contact us.

nvidia 196.75

I need to check this when I get home. My ran up to c until i installed a aftermarket heatsink.

nvidia 196.75

Dare I say it? Perhaps i was lucky?