Kazan used on location filming a few years later in making “Panic in the Streets” and it was just as effective even though the story was fictional. It would be almost fun to do it again, wouldn’t it? Cobb , finally extracts a confession after grilling Waldron for many hours, the case seems open and shut. Dana Andrews, an intense actor, stars as a lawman with a deep conscience. The Cowboy and the Outlaw — Syndicate — Dir. His wife is played by Jane Wyatt in a pretty good role, but the actual stars of this well-done courtroom drama are the ones who play the eye-witnesses and Andrews himself, who is stellar, as usual.

o justiceiro elia kazan

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Com Louise Stanley, Ernie Adams. Brand of the Outlaws — Supreme — Dir. As dusk settles on a small Connecticut city someone approaches a well-liked priest who is out for a walk and shoots him in the head.

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Cobbfinally extracts a confession after grilling Waldron for many hours, the case seems open and shut. Soon, with no clues and no suspects, the public is demanding action.

o justiceiro elia kazan

Harris owns the Sunset Realty Company, which is trying to kazab ten justieiro of land to the city for the charitable Project for Recreational Center for children. A large twist occurs with something of a stutter, dramaticallyand then we are in a different kind of drama, a courtroom battle, with Andrews playing the unlikely role of prosecutor looking for the actual truth in a case rather than a conviction.

Ably directed by Elia Kazan, this realistic and hard-hitting drama is one of the best films of the year. It would be almost fun to do it again, wouldn’t it?


Capas de Fimes de Faroeste: Sabata – O Justiceiro

An excellent cast and skillful writing overcome Boomerang’s slow, deliberate pace. Based on a true story, a beloved priest is murdered in front of numerous witnesses. Com Louise Stanley, Karl Hackett. Cobb, Ed Begley, and Karl Malden. A breakthrough then seems to be made when a man, fitting the description of the killer, is located and brought in for questioning.

o justiceiro elia kazan

Harris even pulls out a handgun and threatens Harvey Yikes, only in Hollywood! A great story presented in a semi documentary mode JB 26 May Com Claire Rochelle, Reed Kusticeiro.

He didn’t want to drive a truck or deliver milk, he wanted to try something new and different. Another Reform Party official, Paul Harris Ed Begleyis the owner of a company that owns some land which the current administration is due to purchase for the creation of a recreation area. The acting is first rate. Com Marion Byron, Wilfred Hayes.

Com Perry Lopez, Beverly Garland. A man in a white hat and a dark trench coat runs away. He shows the inconsistencies of the statements of the witnesses, with at least one with an agenda.

It took guts for him to do that, to play by the rules, to see that justice was done. Supreme Court Justice under Theodore Roosevelt Lizzie, by the way, sent him a letter of congratulations!

Most of the film’s dramatic moments take place in the courtroom but there is a back story involving municipal corruption, a theme that Kazan would visit again ten years later in “A Face in the Crowd”.


Even more ridiculous is somebody allowed to bring a gun into the courtroom but, once again, it’s life 60 years ago. Hamlet, if it were straight documentary truth, would probably shock more and enchant less. The movie has a wonderful all-involving style to it with beautifully lit and splendidly atmospheric courtroom scenes.

It seems too many guilty men go free today but – in this movie’s era and previous to that – too many innocent people were sentenced. It appears to be an open and shut case.

When they do, of course it’s the wrong guy, a World War 2 veteran of the Pacific campaign, sort of a drifter looking for a new start. Using an unseen narrator to provide background information, the film achieves a hard-hitting realism, conveying the feeling that you are watching events as they unfold.

Well paced and honest film about big city politics with a stellar performance by Dana Andrews who didn’t let his career ambitions get in the way of his sense of justice.

o justiceiro elia kazan

Andrews gave one of the best performances of his career. For two sides to this coin, I’d first mention Kazan’s own “On the Waterfront” which uses a real life kind of scenario but turns it into a dramatic masterpiece.