When you see a friend that is amazing at some skill or owns something extraordinary, you become driven to reach the same level. Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments. This is important, because many companies aim to design for motivation based on Extrinsic Motivators, such as giving users a reward at the end. I love the framework presented. Will also become part of the OP Mastermind Slack group. We focus on high-quality, scientifically proven gamification and engagement design to increase ROIs.


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What is Octalysis Prime?

It is a nice experience to learn about gamification using gamification. Reward no longer available 30 backers. The drive of wanting to find out what will happen next such as when watching in a movie, or while gambling. Ever thought something is Over-Powered and you wonder why it’s not you? A Sample Brainstorming of Power-Items. How do I find calm, peace, and mindfulness to maneuver through the tough events in life?

Octalysis – Wikipedia

The Framework breaks down all motivation into the 8 Core Drives that octtalysis our behavior. International Journal of Consumer Studies. This is the primary core drive behind gambling addictions, but also present in every sweepstake or octalusis program that companies run. If something is engaging because it lets you express your creativity, makes you feel successful through skill mastery, and gives you a higher sense of meaning, it makes users feel very good and powerful.


Octalysis: Complete Gamification Framework – Yu-kai Chou

What I understand with the text that explain the core drives: It is the process of applying the core behavior drives that motivate a user to complete a task efficiently through an interactive experience. Ownership and Possession This is the drive where users are motivated because they feel like they own something: You must engage in the conversation!! The next thing is in addition utilized while covering. Scarcity and Impatience This is the drive of wanting something because you can’t have it, because the resource is scarce or because you are prevented from accessing it.

As a result, the 8 core drives are charted on an octagon not simply for aesthetic purposes, octalysix because the placement determines the nature of the motivation. A good Gamification expert will octaoysis all 8 Core Drives on a positive and productive activity so that everyone ends up happier and healthier. For instance, if users level up in Core Drive 1: Yu-kai Chou’s original creation to understand and motivate human behavior.


Students can then decide if they want to double down and become a specialist in White Hat Core Drive designs or round up their knowledge of all 8. Companies That We Have Empowered. Twenty-first Americas Conference on Information Systems.

Skip to content New? Octalyxis, this book will include a surprise funny message from the Author. This is also the core drive that is the easiest to design for and coincidently is where most of the PBLs: How can I be a better networker or maneuver through office politics?


You will get 6 months of Membership in Octalysis Prime and enjoy half a year of the best things Yu-kai has to offer. Think about the controversial Skinner Box experiments, where an animal irrationally presses a lever frequently because of unpredictable results.

The Octalysis Group helps many companies around the world through gamification and behavioral design. When you see a friend that is amazing at some skill or owns something extraordinary, you become driven to reach the same level. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. By analysing these Core Drives, the Octalysis team can reverse-engineer users’ behaviour to fulfil your business objectives.


I will be spending a lot of time in this site, for the next weeks. It seems to make a lot of sense. For example, the human desire to accumulate wealth and the overvaluing of objects within one’s possession are the result of this drive.