Where can I download it? The next logical step would be to add a google provider. What attributes can it sync? Posted Aug Mon 12th 5: Seems like it is something in your setup that is the problem. All tutorials, add-ons, programs, tweaks, and fixes on this site are tested by me, but use them at your own risk.


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If this is too low Google may reject requests, which will cause sync errors. Add phone number type fields olcontactsyjc existing field names checked Adds type next to Thunderbird’s phone numbers. Always backup your important files and contacts. You may synchronize one account with several address books, synchronizing an address book with only one group of your choice, and can import contacts from Facebook and Twitter.


This is a Thunderbird preference–not a gContactSync preference–and is in this dialog for easy access. Contacts List Rename the phone column labels checked – Renames the phone column labels in the address book to “First Number”, “Second Number”, etc.

The added attributes in the Edit Card Dialog: Preferences You can read about the preferences here. Return to Thunderbird Support.

gContactSync Preferences

Mailing lists are buggy, but gContactSync tries to work around these bugs whenever possible. Please write up bugs on the GitHub page as you find them.


Please contact me with any comments, or suggestions. Home Add-ons Blog Forum. If you only want gContactSync to synchronize when you first open the Address Book window set this to 0. My impression is that a lot of the maintenance work for add-ons is focused on getting them ready for version 68, where in many cases you olcontacrsync to write a WebExtension based replacement for the legacy add-on.


It is easy to change how gContactSync works and looks. Click here for a large screenshot olcontactsynx all of the possible attributes that are synced.

Google Contact and gContactSync don’t work so? • mozillaZine Forums

It can synchronize the My Contacts group, all contacts, or all contacts and groups with mailing lists. More screenshots are available here. All tutorials, add-ons, programs, tweaks, and fixes on this site are tested by me, but use them at your own risk.

Posted Aug Mon 5th 5: If you want the best performance possible you can uncheck this, but I will ask you to enable logging and verbose logging if something isn’t working properly. Logging Enable Logging checked – gContactSync keeps a log file that helps me troubleshoot issues, and show you what it is doing.


By default, it synchronizes the first four e-mail addresses, the first olcontactsyn and number of each type in Google and every attribute in Thunderbird not all of these are visible in Gmail, however.


It could end up like gcontactsync which worked for years in my case and then stopped, and the dev has no time to follow up olcontactsgnc it. According to a mailing list post on August 3 that author plans to add google support for it soon.

I will keep an eye on those developments But due to a bug in gmail at least per forum posts it will not sync gmail labels which are critical for me. Users browsing this forum: Google Contacts is normally mentioned as an alternate sync add on but from what I’ve read that project has been down and out for years. Please do not use this form for any other reason.

I don’t get why the thunderbird main developers don’t make it a top priority to sycn contacts with gmail and whatever else is out there. Click on a section to show or hide its contents.


You can download it here. It adds several fields to Thunderbird for e-mail addresses, screennames, and numbers.