To do this, select “Polling Interval To add an Icon do this: Updates may include other documentation, Help,. North-East Avalon Packet radio news. Press close to create the channel. A map of these stations is available online.

paclink mp

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Go to the directory where the Paclink MP. The download URL from Microsoft is: You may need to install. There is a need for a packet link between St,Johns. apclink

Paclink Mp Download Link

If you are not certain. Press the Update button. My personal thoughts about amateur radio,is this hobby on the way out?

In particular, the Paclink Post Office program that used to be needed is no longer required. Just ask somebody else. When an update is available the program will indicate the new version and enable a red manual update button.

paclink mp

Check the top box to have the program automatically check for incoming email you can also specify the interval. At this point the properties screen will come up: To send and receive email from the Internet over radio, you don’t need to interact with Paclink at all You’ll see the following: The latest version of the Revisiton History document should be included in the update and is visable via the documentation menu item.


If you live in a area that you can see for miles in any. A map of these stations is available online. Thank you again mmp Ken and Bill!

Paclink Mp

Above all, enjoy Packet Radio – whatever you decide to do with it. Here you create a path to your local RMS site that will connect you by radio paclinl the Internet.

You will then need to download the file dotnetfx. Specify the station’s callsign which will probably have an SSID of 10 in the Remote callsign box, give the channel a name and select your AGW port from the drop down box.

Press close to create the channel. Paclink MP comes as a.

Paclink software download

If the person you ask takes offence or laughs at a simple request, then they are not worth talking to. Start the install by double clicking “install.

paclink mp

Radio Antenna coax TNC computer. The Winlink Development Team WDT is committed to supporting the system with the most efficient and effective radio modes for local, regional and long-distance applications, together with modern computer and networking technology.

Packet Radio Frequently Asked Questions. It takes camaraderie with other Ppaclink and it take dedication. NET framework installed on your PC if it is not already there.


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This is a free 22 Meg download but should be already installed on most modern computers. If you are using Outlook Express and asked Paclink to create an Paclink account in it, the only thing you will have to do when you next run Outlook is to specify your Paclink password you will be prompted for it the first time you check for email.

You supply the support structure: If you would like the program to not wait for the next polling interval to expire when it has email to send, also check the bottom box. But to have this happen automatically, you must set up Paclink to periodically check for incoming email. More information on Paclink and Win2K is available at the Winlink website.