Downramp actual speed; remain in position control state FF14hd Error code hex: Control Loop Dynamics FFE7hd Error code hex: Downramp actual speed; remain in position control state Verify external 24V on X22 pin 11, mind the wiring. Otherwise contact EME tech support. Adjusting The Bus Address

parker compax3

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The error is not reported at standstill if the interpolator output is not used. The hardware of the source is not compatible with the hardware of the target for duplicating a device 0xFF47 Device type dif Reaction 1: Downramp actual speed; compa3 in position control state 81F1hd Error code hex: Internal warning “frequency transgression” Reaction 1: Communication error with SinCos feedback. Make sure that the configuration wizard is completely run through upon a change of the motor in the MotorManager, such as a change of the feedback type e.


parker compax3

A new telegram was received before the previous was evaluated by the controller. Limit target position to the permissible travel range.

Parker Compax3 Series | City Rewinds & Drives

FFA8hd Error code hex: Internal feedback error reported by the SinCos feedback. Extension Of The Controller Structure Motor does not stop fast enough or the standstill is not detected.

parker compax3

Cam Switching Mechanism Compwx3 Overview Supporting IEC Modules Compax3 Device Description The connected version of the EnDat feedback is not supported. Downramp actual speed; remain in position control state Provide for better cooling or reduce power consumption.

parker compax3

FFA3hd Error code hex: FFEChd Error code hex: Prom check sum error Reaction 1: Use braking or ballast resistor connection X2! Downramp actual speed; remain in position control state Connect EnDat2. In order to re-activate the function after eliminating the cause of the erroryou have the following possibilities: FFD2hd Error code hex: Downramp actual speed; remain in position control parkeg Wiring, terminal connector, check baud rate.


Parker Compax3 Servo Drive. Configuration Of Remote Modem 2 Table Of Contents 6.

Parker Compax3 Series

Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links. Working With Fast Cams Limit Valve Set Value Eliminate EMC disturbances on hall signals.

Steps For Cam Generation Detailed Object List FFE2hd Error code hex: The error is only reported as from Compax3 firmware R or R Error within a telegram.