January 14, At that price, they are not just great value, they are a viable hackable robotics platform. September 06, As far as your comment is concerned, IBM was an “open” system and they are now out of the personal computer business along with thousands of other “open” system pcs. Your cricut will tell you the firmware version on the LCD screen when you turn it on.

pccplugin.dll file

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January 29, A quick google should get you going in the right direction.

Cricut Automatic Paper Cutter – Hackable?

Its a bit thicker than the cheapo stuff, and covers better usually. This is so frustrating.

Disassembling the controller was fairly easy, the most difficult part was getting out the security torx screws, without a small enough security torx driver. I got it as a gift because they thought I would be able to cut decals with it A little probing with a multimeter showed that it was outputting a bit below 4v. Is pccplugin still floating around?


pccplugin.dll file

I just tried to import the plug-in into the appropriate folder via the instructions given in a previous post Browsing All Articles 92 Articles. Thanks for any help Reply Pccplugin.dlp.

Cricut Automatic Paper Cutter – Hackable?

The plugin file allows the MTC program to communicate with the Cricut machine. April 11, pccplugin.dl You see, the Cricut Design Studio requires you to have bought the cartridges that you want to use.

After getting the controller unscrewed, next step is to pull all the electronics out, and wash the plastic. I got it as a gift because they thought I would be able to cut decals with it There must be a better way!

pccplugin.dll file

This thing is a pos if it cant free cut. Diana chose the colours pccplugin.cll her controlelr, a nice purple, and a complimenting pink for highlights. The Big Trak boxed up.

Cut pccplugin dll the make – Free Download –

I did it today. Browse the Latest Snapshot. March 11, The Cricut comes with very minimal usability out of the box, and requires you to buy ridiculously expensive cartridges. I’ve just got to see whats inside! Do you want to chat live?



The Light in its unmodified state. Quote from the Make The Cut website: You can email if you are more comfortable with that. This file is part of the cricket design studio software but it must be an older version of cricket design studio.

I’m guessing the PCCPlugin. I have the cricut expression 2. If you cant follow instructions You can email if you are more comfortable with that Thanks! July 20,