The maps aren’t outright bad, but they all feel way too short, like the authors hurried to wrap each of them up and somehow only had a little bit of time for limited monster placements. It’s worth finding a copy, though, as you’re looking at the output of three relatively well-known Doom mappers well, some may question McCandlish’s works , all of whom went on to work in the gaming industry, and who now have varying degrees of influence inside it most notably McCandlish, recently lead designer of Modern Warfare 2. Also off-topic, but for the sake of choosing things: Little do you know, but you are about to embark on a journey to the overseers’ world, the dawn of a new battle on another plane of existence. Made an interesting fight in the buildings.

perditions gate

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Honestly, I’m not sure the map name dictated by the. There’s a BFG, but it’s only really useful the bolder and luckier you are.

Perdition’s Gate – – Wad Archive

Well, I didn’t get the full answer and I will ask again: If you cut out half of all the levels, I think the experience would improve, and if a focus had been made on much more hellish environments using the new textures, I think it would have been much more interesting. The next series of levels tends toward an open air feel with giant buildings surrounded by water.

perditions gate

Among the assaulted planets was Earth, the invasion forming the foundation for many of humanity’s beliefs. You list up front that you did Map Sadly, the SSG makes its first debut practically peditions the very end of the level. The demos are freely available, at least. It would have been a good fit.


The synchronized lighting effect is one of those Doom tricks I was never able to master, grrr…. Their advancement led to conflict with numerous other alien races, though, gats the demons from Doom.

Perdition’s Gate addon – Doom II

My only complaint would be that maps are way too short, and overall give a feeling they were last minute additions. Added Mar 31st, Short level with a hectic beginning but it eventually drops down to a more manageable pace, excepting the bonus arch-vile about halfway through that makes things more interesting.

Not a lot of wad tricks in this level, just good old geometry and lighting. Anonymous December 15, at 2: Moving towards the door just teleports me to the back of the room, and jumping down to the wate I can’t move anywhere. How come every time I post a comment it disappearrs within an hour of being published?

Perdition’s Gate |

This one’s a bit better than the last, though I feel really exposed when Mustaine lowers the impassable walls. Not until recently did the demon race possess the power to re-commission the inter-dimensional teleporters. I also beat this level while buzzed, so any pro should have a field day. A really fun level. Like I’m imagining vast asteroids made out of flesh, blood, pperditions and bone, populated by hellspawn, and just floating in the void of space.

perditions gate

There’s some chaingun snipers but nothing maddening. Other than that, great design, loved the use of secrets here.

I sure hope your pops is doing OK today and still plays games. Thank you very much for this mapset, and for making it freeware on your site.

Perdition’s Gate

And goodness yes, the beginning of MAP20 would be unfair without that impassible linedef! No wad tricks in this level at all, I struggled to build a synchronized lighting effect in the northernmost hallway but eventually just gave up due to time.


Who knows where the rights to Perdition’s Gate and Hate to Pay will end up if they don’t stay with Atari?

perditions gate

Wow, it’s great seeing people still playing these levels and enjoying them 15 years later. You’re supposed to be able to jump into the water that surrounds the marble platform perditiosn the Cyb and key are on and then run between two light poles which teleports you to the other side of that teleporter line that is tripping you up.

A short time later, we were informed that the Final Doom window of opportunity had closed, so we quickly contacted Jim Elson at Wraith Corp. I know PG can be found on Mustaine’s site and probably H2P as well but I don’t want to be a pirate to get them for free since they were sold at one time, still I have a feeling that someone will release these on Steam perdutions then it will be available to buy though it’s not my case as I hate SteamI will have to go to buy them perdihions else!

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