Any helpful suggestions to make on the list of alternatives to PowToon? The program allows you to include your own graphic elements. They also have a ton of free resources and webinars to help with development. There are so many options and stock footage. As an educator, I am constantly trying to engage parents and I often use Powtoons as a way to communicate with them. Each template has its own music but I may upload my own music and upload images to personalize the video even more.


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Great for aiding presentations. A variety of pre-built templates to use or edit. Powtoon just seems like one of those apps that was made with education in mind. Yes, get a free trial.

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Create powtooms in seconds using AI technology, saving you hours on video creation. I wish there was more content available for the free service. You think you like a template and it turns out to be a paid upgrade. Powtoon gave me the ability to create engaging content for my students. Lovely software, but one of the cons that I encountered was that when my projects got too large, its seems to use a lot of CPU power because my computer lags.

PowToon Alternatives & Reviews

Your imagination is the limit! I have been using it consistently, times a week for over a year.



You can add more alternatives to this item by signing up on alternative. We created a lesson plan for instructors to use where the learners responded using Powtoona projects, and these were a hit.

Powtoon’s is a great software powtoonns creating free videos for instructional or educational purposes. Powtoon includes a variety of assets, such as visuals and cartoon characters, to enhance one’s powtooons that positively impact viewers. This is my go-to presentation creation software, far better than Power-Point slides.

As an educator, I am constantly trying to engage parents and I often use Powtoons as a way to communicate with them. Freemium emaze Emaze is an online platform from which you can control all of your social media feeds and track your social media presence.

If you pay for it, you should have access to everything. Paid Proclaim Your private Christian groups, intimate fellowship, and biblical community now have a place to live online.

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It’s a little annoying that you cannot sort through the templates free vs. My one request which I’ve made for years is that the hands also have powtoond diversity.

Showing Most Helpful Showing 50 of reviews. When changing the sizes of objects, both the width and height change proportionately. I love this software because it has a clean interface.

67 – Powtoon – Top Tools for Learning

Or, if it’s not available for my level, dont put it in my design resources toolbox. I also love the fact that I can chat directly with their customer support for help whenever a question or issue comes up. The program is also similar to PowerPoint as it provides slides so it is easy to use if you know PowerPoint.


The best way to quickly make an entertaining video for our training and human resources department. This content is likely not relevant anymore. Contact the support team with questions.


I only used the free version of this software, but it was simple to use, gave lots of robust cartoon options, and was quick to get started.

Fantastic product and my gold standard for white board animation.

I use PowToon to create engaging educational videos for medical education I’m a physician and professor at a medical schoolchurch I teach 5th grade Bible class and community events I made “This is Your Life” videos for birthday parties and funeral tribues.

Powtonos that in the moments that we are without internet we can still use the great animation software.