But Hidden container issues exist in many other scenarios as well like scrollable table formatting issues inside nested tabs etc…. At least, 10 or 20 dollars by binary license would be fair!! Active 3 years, 2 months ago. Tim, you took the words right out of my mouth! Jonathan Ekwempu 4 February at

primefaces 3.5

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Which basically suggests the problem is not about Primefaces in this case. If you’re working with previous versions that could be the problem, Primefaces 3. Eric Eric 2 2 silver badges 14 14 bronze badges.

Improving the question-asking experience. At least, 10 or 20 dollars by binary license would be fair!!

But when I put “return getKlientFacade. Awesome, long-awaited release, with soooo many features, issues resolved, etc…! Next planned version is 3.

primefaces 3.5

Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: James 4 February at I’m trying to develop a simple portlet which has a table and the selected row will be shown on a different page. I had update, how you say early, but it make some error!


Download primefaces-3.5.jar : primefaces « p « Jar File Download

Eagerly awaiting primefaces-mobile 1. Hidden container support for panel and field-set is very good.

primefaces 3.5

Improving the question-asking experience. I simplified your problem in order to get a compilable and testable SSCCE example which works perfectly for me and runs in a basic servlet container Mojarra JSF impl 2. Primefxces Kyle, sorry for the delay, I’m using liferay 6. Post as a guest Name.

primefaces 3.5

Shubham Gupta 6 Priimefaces at We have identified an important defect with datatable sorting in combination with filtering where applying a filter causes sorting stated to be lost leading to a visual sort indicator and an unsorted data. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: I added stack trace, edited.

Maven Repository: aces » primefaces »

Optimus Prime 26 April at In building i haven’t any error, but protlet doesn’t work. Asked 5 years, 6 months ago. Hugo Chagas 4 February at You mean it doesn’t exist in 4.

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jsf – exception after update primefaces to – Stack Overflow

Looking forward to the new PrimeFaces Mobile version!!! And you don’t need to create a new ArrayList in your init method if you assign immediatelly afterwards another List to that variable.


String Someone knows how to solve? It will solve the issues with select one menu but primefacez scrollable table formatting issues. Dsleeper 4 February at Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.