Situation – “What Is Going On? All in all, this is a very solid little VA – yes yes! We here see them team up with the trusted sounds of Phossa over four tracks of pure steppers heat. After making a sizable impact sonically if not quite becoming a household name with his eponymous debut, Lorn is back at camp Brainfeeder with his own contribution to the sprawling sound of the beat scene. Flevans feat Sarah Scott. DBM 20 Sep MUD 20 Oct

probcause flex mp3

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Flex Probcause – Бесплатно скачать Mp3

Next, the engulfing subs and classic vocal fx sampling of ‘Deep Six’ burst onto the scene before the stripped back bass tones and impactful reverberations of ‘Spooked’ touch down. SE 28 Sep Pobcause 10 Jun It may have taken a few months, but Whiskey Disco’s latest split EP – a fine affair featuring two reworks apiece from Ponchartrain and Sheffield-based East Midlander Thatmanmonkz – has finally made it to digital download.

Given the infamous depth of Nick The Record’s vinyl collection, you’d expect this contribution to Z Records’ excellent Under The Influence series to be packed to the rafters with unheralded gems.

probcause flex mp3

MIX 20 Sep The cosmic digidub of “Slept On”, the scaly drones and off-beat parps of “Cabin”, the mischievous wobbles and spacious funk of “Don’t Talk”, the tripped out vocal cuts and pranged out bass zaps of “Buddha” are just some of the many highlights on offer here MSR 23 Aug Wot Do U Call It? In other words, it’s a killer collection of top-notch cuts that you’ll never have heard before.

Impeccable stuff; only squares wouldn’t like “The Cube”. For the second volume in their ongoing “Disco Funkin” mix series, the Bomb Strikes crew has handed over the controls to former Tru Thoughts artists Flevans.


Disco Funkin’ Vol 2.

Çèìíÿÿ (Feat. Ãóô & Ñëèì): песен скачать бесплатно в mp3 и слушать онлайн

SDUK 27 Sep School Yard Break US. Completing the EP is ‘Passage For’, an exercise in squelchy like bass and euphoric disco strings. MEDI 27 Sep Bomb Strikes are back again with a potent punch as they bring forward the return of Shaka Loves You with his groovy new EP project entitled ‘Boogie’. MUD 20 Sep We hear some absolute dirt from heavyweight names such as Dalek One, Rez and The Widdler, along with some seriously naughty selections from the likes pm3 Kwizma with his sub heavy ‘Gravitation’ original, and JWiRE’s big room smasher ‘Amen Ra’.


24K – бесплатно скачать песни и музыку в mp3

Todd’s vocal “Remix” and “Instrumental” versions are predictably musical and melodious, sitting somewhere between spacey, synth-heavy nu-disco, fizzing jazz-funk and rolling deep house.

Hospital’s very own Austrian super duo hit back hard with their fourth full length LP releasing two years of hard work and studio time out into the open.

KE 04 Jul Following this we look at the smooth sub rollings of ‘Totem’ and the super scattered drum crunches and bass licks of ‘Ghost Castle’. You can tell that this probcauae a track that has been created to send the raves into a frenzy, as J provides a stunning steppers backdrop, over which we hear the legendary vocal presence of Flowdan let loose, with classic, gritty lyricism and aggy flow patterns.

pasyvioji Dubstep muzika, tik čia ir niekur kitur

This new album continues very much in the tradition of the first, probcquse on dense and a little paranoid, but the dynamics and detail in the tracks is clearly a step on from Lorn’s more stripped back origins. Albion Collective have had an undeniably fireshowcasing an array of exciting new artists through their highly respected label platform.


With 31 full-length cuts plus a one-hour DJ mix, there’s no faulting the VFM as we move through breaks, funk, hip-hop and the occasional gnarlier nugget.

DDD 06 Aug Soul Treats 30 Super Soul Hits We move quickly from that to dubstep fueled artillery with ‘2 Worlds’ which focusses on tremendously heavy sub frequencies and unpredictably skippy drum arrangements. We are absolutely loving the direction that the legendary Alix Perez has been taking recently, driving his uniquely techy production style into the dubstep scene with fantastic results.

Both Lego Edit and Vito Lalinga have been in fine form of late, so you’d expect this collaborative EP of tooled-up re-edits to be packed with playable, on-point treats. Monster Sounds Vol 2.

probcause flex mp3

probccause There really is no stopping Flowdan at the minute as he returns home to Tru Thoughts again for yet another cruddy single. The twenty-three tracks provide an extensive history on the genre and contain a number of extremely rare and very sought after crate digging collectables. The AllergiesFunky Boogie Brothers.