Do you have any other hacks installed on your pc? After the one patch is when all the PB issues have happened. BF4 runs perfect without punkbuster hiccups but now I cannot play on any server in Hardline. Install the punkbuster from the “Punkbuster” folder and then it should work. These are the main rules all users should know, for a complete list of rules along with more information check out the rules wiki page. Do not post inappropriate language.

punkbuster for battlefield hardline

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Never get kicked from XtG servers though. Uninstall punkbuster completely from Control Panel. So you have tried to run the PunkBuster exe in your game’s file directory? At first I thought it was a stupid admin message from the server, but why not just say banned for exploiting or whatever?

I’m not even surprised by the fact It does exist too on origin.

Punkbuster kicks me out

You’ve been kicked from this punknuster by PunkBuster-Battlefield Hardline. I had this issue, I uninstalled, and re-installed PunkBuster and then went here http: Everything is in the green yet again.


Are you kidding me? Have you tried also updating it from PunkBuster’s official website?

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The issue is I join a server load the map as soon as that finishes it says “kick by punkbuster”. It usually doesn’t take long for good servers to go bad. Still getting kicked by punkbuster in hardline, but not in BF4. I too have this problem in BFH.

PnkBstrA service is started and is set on “Automatic”. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Nattlefield 34 inch UltraWide 2k.

punkbuster for battlefield hardline

Can anyone help us? MIgaming and CMW servers.

punkbuster for battlefield hardline

Do you have any other hacks installed on your pc? I just finished fixing that same problem, i understand your pain. EA support told me to reinstall Hardline, so now I wait punkguster hours for it to re-download because there is no “uninstall but keep data” option.


I get kicked by Punk – Forums – Battlelog / Battlefield Hardline

Chasing wild geese on every random Forum hoping someone has a solution. Sad I wanted to buy fir for this game. Both games has been verified, heck I even uninstalled and punkkbuster the game. Go to the game installation directory and Look for the “Redist” folder which contains an additional “Punkbuster” folder. Fuck yeah community, this totally deserves downvotes just because I’m trying to play the game. Does it give you a reason for the kick? There is no way to know if the violation was triggered on your specific computer.

punkbuster for battlefield hardline

I did found 2 articles with people having the same problem and i tried them so far, but the problem persists. Want to add to the discussion? Same thing from here dude Everything is in the green.