RayCrisis North American front cover art. RayCrisis , being a prequel to RayForce , details the events during the timeframe of the supercomputer called the Neuro-Computer Con-Human gaining sentience and rebelling against its human creators, a direct result of a misguided scientist trying to bond a human clone to Con-Human mentally. Something wrong with these data? PC Game Midi problems and info. My TOP on Amiga. PC AdLib tunes versus Midi. Easiest way to play MOD tunes under Windows.

raycrisis ost

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Tamayo Kawamoto Music type: Furthermore, what is left of the ratcrisis race has left for the space colonies as refuge from the destruction.

Music record info fields summary. How to send the tunes that are not in archives.

This port is the only game in the series to include a customization feature that allows the player to choose between multiple colors for their selected ship; the arcade and smartphones versions did not include this feature, electing to give player 1 a red color scheme and player 2 blue. How to download all files from archive. Also programs which support reading from txt files such as KBMedia Player can read the info.


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RayCrisis – Series Termination – Playstation (PSF) Music – Zophar’s Domain

And that assault will be called:. The gameplay of RayCrisis is based on RayForcerayfrisis features a viewpoint given to the player with an overhead perspective.

raycrisis ost

Original soundtrack Game info Name: Now, against Con-Human’s massive attack forces laying siege to the Earth, exterminating arycrisis cloning humans, a mecha-neurologist jacks in to the Con-Human system in an attempt to regain control of the rogue machine by means of the computer viruses, known as the Waveridersinto the Cybernetics Link, engaging Operation Raycrisis to cease the supercomputer’s destructive actions permanently and prevent it from causing more havoc in the future.

The Japanese version of the game supported a downloadable game called “Pocket Ray” for the PocketStation system.

raycrisis ost

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. World of Game MIDs. Something wrong with these data? This page was last edited on 20 Januaryat Why do some archives have 0 files. Why do some Midi tunes sound strange.

Why the ZIP is used for archiving files. Views Read Edit View history.

RayCrisis: Original soundtrack

Add your review Tracklist 01 – Or, can it be said that her behavior is a crime? PC Raycridis Midi ripping guide. The game is a vertically scrolling shooter with a “virus infiltration” theme: Other tools Generate info. However, even when Operation Raycrisis leaves Con-Human wrecked from the inside, it was too late to reverse the damage it has done.


The game starts with Self-Area, followed by 3 other stages out of racrisis following: Since the PocketStation was not released in the U. North American front cover art.

Original soundtrack Num of tunes: An original mode is added, which allows player to fight all stages and obtain extra items in the game, but there is no continue option if the player loses all of their lives.

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