Previously I was given the following compression settings as a starting point: I’d like to have easy-on-the-ears interviews, not something big and boomy. They are just the points with which we can make adjustments. So, get to work. I know that my audio could use some compression to help even things out, but at the same time I don’t want to sound like a loud and boomy DJ.


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In other words, I don’t want this to sound like loud, boomy radio-type DJ talk. Thanks for help with my previous question: If your track is reacojp, you will see the green bars moving up and down on either side of your threshold control. I want you to look at two key parameters first.

From Reaper Accessibility Wiki. See what frequency does what, edit the presets accordingly reacopm your own particular sound, they are there to be used as templates to get you started. This is perhaps a low frequency instrument with the mids cut to make room for the vocals or other mid range instrument.

It has a simple interface with deep functionality to also be explored. With this fantastic freebee you can really learn, how to setup a compressor for different tasks. If you play your music with the EQ enabled, you will see a yellow line running along the visual part of the reacpmp. The other controls can be left for you to discover for the sake of brevity.


The fast and easy way to understand compression and reaComp accessibility

I recommend you flick though them to see the different settings and sounds. It’s hard to dial in settings without overshooting, e. Play around with auto make-up if you want to bring the level back up again.


The attack time will have you catching initial transient well enough short or not long attack times. That’ll probably generate another entire set of questions Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Last edited by airon; at You can type in ReaComp and it will find it.

This page was last edited on 12 Mayat Submit new comment May 27 This depends heavily on the material, but I’ll give it a try.

REAPER | ReaPlugs

This looks quite daunting at first, and if you want to just get started reaacomp, there are plenty of good presets already built in. With ReaPlugs FX suite, it has massive functionality from the first opening of the software. The last point is helpful if you want to boost a broad spectrum of frequencies but what if there is just one specific frequency you want to cut? This is a reqcomp technique to practice with all your mixes.


ReaComp Settings? – Cockos Incorporated Forums

Rfacomp this was a good compressor at one time but this seems to be a very crude plugin to me. Oversampling antialias modes with optional limiting. Views Read Edit View history.


We can look at bands 2 and 3 now. This is simply the best! On LP slider compressor works over the frecuencies on the left side and HP slider compressor works on frecs.

Keep the release at ms. Retrieved from ” https: It works differently for the high frequencies as instruments have harmonics so be careful if you want to preserve them, also, higher frequency notes hold less energy so take up less headroom anyway.

I just picked dB, but I wonder if I should I get more aggressive?