Now, I say “between,” because following “Over It” is “Sahara,” the most aggressive song on the album. In June , Relient K released the first episode of the group’s own flash cartoon. Twenty Years Brand New “. Retrieved August 12, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In , John Warne became a member of Yellow Second. A bonus song was offered to customers who bought the album from Amazon.

relient k forget and not slow down mp3

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relient k forget and not slow down mp3

Retrieved June 26, Douglas amicably left Relient K to further pursue this project. Archived from the original on June 24, Relient K Announce Album Title”.

Relient K “Therapy” MP3 and show

On October 4, the band released a cover album Is for Karaoke. It was classified as a gold single in October Retrieved August 11, Relient K have proven over the years that while they may have started off as a punk band, they are quite capable of maturing and diversifying. Retrieved July 3, An unabashedly happy folk-rock song, “Savannah” is lyrically one of happiest songs on the record.

Retrieved March 15, You’re the best, buddy. The tracks were later pulled from iTunes, but have since then been released on Gotee Records ‘s Christmas compilation album: Retrieved November 19, Luck and Warne were in a short-lived band together called Guerilla Rodeo. Retrieved November 4, Forget And Not Slow Down it’s a title track ” “.


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Relient K, Switchfoot and Ruth recorded a song together, ” Rebuild “. We want to thank Brian for all the years he gave the band.

It is animated by bassist John Warne. He played his last show with Relient K on December 29, Retrieved December 13, Following that, “I Don’t Need A Soul” continues on the thematic path of relationships, except with a more hopeful view on love in this case, possibly a loved one that has passed onas evidenced by the chorus’ repetition of ” I don’t need a soul, no I don’t a soul to hold.

Retrieved May 17, With the shutdown, Relient K and all other artists previously signed to these three labels would release their future material on the RCA Records.

Retrieved September 14, While it only feels like a year since the last full Relient K release, thanks to what may possibly be the longest EP in rock music’s history, it has in fact been TWO years since the Ohio group’s last LP has been pressed.

The song itself appears to be a ballad of lament for past love and regret at what could have been done for things to have been different a state-of-mind many of us have visited.


Though the band is listed as the author of the book, the band members contributed very little to the content of the book.

Relient K, “Forget And Not Slow Down” Review

Pittman reunited with the band for one final show, which was the release party for “Mmhmm” at the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio on November 1, On July 2,the band’s seventh full-length album, Collapsible Lungwas released. Retrieved March 21, Artists United for International Justice Missioncreated in order foryet generate funds for International Justice Mission in fighting modern-day slavery. I feel like that’s how you know that you’ve fofget a friend that will be there for the rest of your days.

relient k forget and not slow down mp3

Two Lefts Don’t Make a Right Retrieved August 12,