Co-op success depends on teamwork and the combination of multiple soldier classes. Sorry, I edit my comment! CometBird CometBird is not just another web browser. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. The time now is If you don’t respond in a reasonable amount of time, you will be dc’ed. Send me An invite please i cannot open the website!!

rose online multibot

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This maintenance is done to provide faster access speed and a more enjoyable and stable game service. I wish we could increase the party members from 6 to You can run as many Keong as you want and play with all your Rose Online character together at the same time.

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. It doesn’t require scripting and it works only with packets and you can do anything or play anything else on your computer while bot is online.

I am having difficulty finding where to download Keong 2 bot. If we could list out all the pro’s of multiclienting, and provide a new nultibot to keep those pro’s without the need to multiclient, then im sure most people would be willing to accept it. Instead the party could been there and answer them. Posted 16 January – There orse be a screen pop-up that when you spam skills to check if you’re afk. If anyone has troubles opening the site contact us.


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Sign up for a new account in our community. It does more harm then good by technical standards. There are guides throughout the forum.

rose online multibot

If that’s a yes, would you mind making a trail version? You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access rosse view most discussions, articles, arcade, RPG.

rose online multibot

Sorry, I edit my comment! Rose Online Launcher The launcher, version v2. You can even share your patches with others or download a cool patch someone else created. Register for your free account! Server Maintenance is also done to upgrade our equipment, update our game server software and solve technical issues.

Notice that I have 2 bots in the autod2jsp.

Thanks a lot if anyone has any info. Sign In Need an account? I’ve forgotten my password.

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I understand that, to give that kind of powers to players that the DEV’s never met is hard. Bot site is up again. I also had that kind of idea, I have also said it before. You are looking after a party and umltibot find one finally, and the chat goes like this. Wouldst thou fight a god? This desktop program comes as alternative to using your default web browser to play your favorite Facebook games on your Windows PC. The player can’t move or do onpine skills, to get rid of the pop window is to click with your mouse and confirm that you are there.


Paid employees that work in the company office are much more likely to be mulfibot and impartial when dealing with problem players, in part because they do not have active characters of their own.

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Several functions may not work. So there was no problem with aoe spots. I don’t remember which one of us proposed it first, I know I proposed it a long time ago.