These areallmarked on the accompany- ing map, and the peculiarities of each will be found described in the proper place. Tar par tin lok 6k sange jate, itt-the-direcfion fled. Tar par Mhqmke tbe-firet west Me from came. On the other hand is aspirated in haphat for a father. In the rest of the District the language is Bengali.

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Soad bhule ek-ttt beSi uttur dige giyechinu.

Of-that a-littk after we havmg-desceiided on-road Ttensjali. The centre of the Eastern Branch of the language may be taken to be the District of Dacca, where what may he called Standard Eastern Bengali is spoken.

se chulo takhan unish mp3

Se tabat his-own properly having -caused-to-fiy gave. In the extreme south-west, however, it is bounded by HaPbl, which is spoken in the State of Bastar and the neighbourhood.

se chulo takhan unish mp3

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Takhan sg Ml chharg-diya Then my servamt plough was-plying. Standard Dialect as dsed by Women. Takyan forms are he has made; and he has obtained.

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Koro- sensei information, including related anime and manga. They are, however, required in transcribing Sanskrit graramatioal works into the Bengali character, and in Sanskrit grammars written for the use of Bengali students. The language of the Mal-Paharias closely resembles unisj Khaiia-thar spoken in Manbhum, of which examples have just uhish given.


Of-that after ghar dor sab kgptS naglO. The original first and second persons singular, are now only used in the literary language in speaking in contempt.

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The defeat of the Raja of Maina by the Kaibarttas at the time of their ori- ginal invasion of the District is the subject of a local poem, once very popular, but now the Moot of b, hem. Those who have settled in Manbhum have abandoned their ancestral language, and speak this broken Bengali. He was the disciple of Koro- Sensei. Orilmlwgruhaiu-Chha- gal In Destroy the Godmodder, many bosses are summoned in pairs. MP3s and other files, CDs in the tray, and.

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Se him own in-field swine to-feed sent. It is, therefore, of interest to note how far the Bengali language Bengali as a foreign langu. Considerable care has evidently been taken in recording peculiarities of the local pronunciation.

Both are in tbe extremely contracted style. Turning now to tbe south-east of the District of Dinajpur, we come to that of Bogra, in which, also, the northern dialect of Bengali is spoken. Jayl-bade dekhli la-ta se-khane nai. When all he expenses- making pbSkle, takhun se dese bara akal hold ar se threw wastedthen that country-in great famine was and he bm kathine polo.


Man Koro sensei was the best. The sound d, need not trouhle us mueh.

Full text of “Linguistic Survey Of India – Vol V – Part – I (indo-aryan Family Eastern Group)”

The former is the colloquial title, while the latter Name of the Language. Ek loker du-ta chha chhila. On the other hand, where Bengali and Bihaii meet north of the Ganges in a level plain, with little or no natural barrier between them, the languages so merge into each other that it would be impossible to draw a definite boundary line; A feeble barrier, it is true, does exist in the river Mahananda, and that has some slight influence in separating m;3 two forms of speech.

The dialect spoken immediately to the north, in Bangpur, is Bajbangti or Bangpun, and, as may be expected, some stray Bajbangsi forms are also found.

Tar par tin lok 6k sange jate, itt-the-direcfion fled.

Bor representing these eight sounds, it has only four vowel signs, viz.