I got told we update the old one. I’ve been told you can use 7-zip to by-pass the password! Mon Jan 18, 7: Tue Jan 19, 1: Every single link in this thread works just fine for me The links do work. What do I do? Tokk 12 hours did it over night.

silkroad 1.157

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Mon Jan 18, Joymax told them that they won’t change the required exp so they want to test a bit and then make some kind of infinite exp event.

Kinda wierd is that it only had 1Gb and the other downloads I’ve seen who siilkroad work had like 2. Tue Jan 12, Sun Jan 17, 4: At least not for me Tue Jan 12, 5: You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You 11.157 delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.


I got told we update the old one. But i don’t know if his english skills were advanced enough to tell everything correctly.

Pick settings not working

Than enjoy the new update. Sun Jan 17, 3: When I double click on the patch it says: Now Im searching for an updated version, cause even if it takes forever to download, I can download it with nettransport, which is save.

I can’t seem to get the password to work on the patch That’s because you have not set Chinese as your language. Thu Jan 14, 5: Maybe it could be the ‘Pure Chinese Server’, that they said about, a server with only chinese characters and maps?

15 Zip – Online Oyun Bilgi ve Paylaşım Portalı

On the 16th of jauary the update to lvl will be opened. But I dont know that much about patches The normal is psychotic.

silkroad 1.157

Its very simplejust download the regular 1. Mon Jan 18, 8: Previous topic Next topic. Ok i got another problem I know I got many problems I’ve installed silkroad and now want to update it with the patch.


silkroad 1.157

Thu Jan 14, After it installsjust download the 1. 1.175 Jan 18, 7: Sun Jan 17, 8: My Internet today is just so slow, I thought that the page wasnt loading at all.

Last Realese Developer-Sremu Release With Client 1.157 Support Compiled Version

Sun Jan 17, If we need a new client or it will update with the old client i can’t tell right now. Every single link in this thread works just fine for me.

Fri Jan 15, 8: Discuss Silkroad Online, read up on guides, and build your character and skills. His english isn’t the best.