And what speed are your hard drives? Verify only no actual dump MD5 checksumming Have the drive combobox updated when disk is inserted or removed Read the full changelog. And for the user reviews, don’t listen to the idiots bad mouthing it. If you are willing to remove CloneCD, go directly to step 2b. It is worth getting however as it can save you tons of headache. If you still have a problem, try disabling any refresh rate overriding software such as Refresh Force before trying to run The Sims 2. I’ve tried cracking it again, uninstalling it and reinstalling it on the account which it doesn’t work on, same problem.

sims2ep1 cd2 iso

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I have followed all the instructions in the step-by-step, however I am unclear whether or not this is supposed to work with the US DVD edition. Yeah, the computer isn’t mine, it’s my boyfriend’s, and he’s a computer-geek First of all, install the game.

That window will self close when you finish playing the game; 5 – This only works if you use CloneCD version 4. Also, check to make sure you are using the latest drivers for your video card and sound. You should be able to install it no prob, assuming you dc2 running just a minidisc and have not replaced any exe ect. The file contains only the cracked EXE and the.


I tried giving the account full adminstrative rights, same problem. The problem shows up in Everest Home Edition.

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Please read the first posts in this thread. Everything you need to know is there.

Can anyone help please for a quiet life lol TIA. There are just too many files in there, and I really can’t help you because the names don’t help much. I’ve done everything listed in that list, but it just wont work.

sims2ep1 cd2 iso

It was the fault of daemon, I had the cf2 version. I followed your instructions step by step, downloaded and installed Deamon tools and Everest Home Edition.

I would suggest contacting EA about that, we really cannot help with that issue.

Sims2ep1 Cd2 Iso File

Before we break the sism2ep1 on the pack she would like to know if there are any issues with installing University while running the game this way. I have read the steps and done according to them. And I have CD drives that are crappin out in some test machines, they read some cd’s just fine and wont read others. I know about the copyright and that kind of things I am using filedisk to and winimage to mount the 4 cd’s. Only option it to quit the game.

Problem really made me sad cause i wanted to play i hope someone can help me when i try to play it says – Failed to find any DirectX 9. I am having a problem not yet mentioned I think. The simple-to-use program has a good response time, finishes a job in reasonable time and includes some documentation for users.


All solutions that work with this game are in this thread, if you still cannot get the game working, then there is not much else sims2e1 can do, use the origional CD you bought. You are all amazing!!! Another idea would be to create a Tech Support forum only in GameFileForums, so all non-nocd questions could be asked there. However the Header says it all – There is no build function.

sims2ep1 cd2 iso

Just reboot your computer and try instaling the game again uninstall first if necessary. We both run Windows XP Does it really work?

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We have not come across any problems during our tests; CD2ISO c2 not freeze, crash or pop up error dialogs. During his first Las.

Remember that this thread is not the place to ask about technincal problems.