For Facebook users, commenting on statuses is built-in directly to the app, so no more having to deal with Facebook’s clunky WAP site. Whereas previously you had to visit the actual mobile site to view information about a particular user, now you can click the “View Profile” menu item and get all the same profile info that you’re used to seeing on the actual Twitter site. This is something not even many desktop Twitter clients support, so it’s great to see it coming on a mobile device. From around the web. It’s possible to add a tab for a new group, search results, or your own recent updates.

socialscope for iphone

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Ubiquitous has done its best to make as many features as possible available to as many users as possible, and they support OSs as early as 4. Twitter clients for the iPhone are pretty much a dime a dozen, but unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the BlackBerry platform. SpaceX’s plan for in-orbit Starship refueling: It’s super simple — and things like search tabs update at the same interval as everything else, so you’re never behind.

You can also do things like view a users followers and who he or she is following, and then follow those people directly from within the app itself. Read on for more impressions and an exclusive hands-on with the latest build — and oh, yeah, we’ve got loads of invites for you certifiable addicts as well! The app has been around in the form of an invite-only alpha for a few months now, and with more recent releases the guns are coming out and it’s really starting to develop into a fairly advanced app.

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SocialScope for BlackBerry impressions (and invites!)

For the rest of you, though, they’ve supplied us with invites, so just hit this link and you should get an invite shortly sit tight — it might take ’em a bit to process them all. Twitch revamps channel pages to help you tune in to streamers. Things are looking up for the Waterloo faithful, though, with a number of clients on the horizon — and one of the best we’ve seen thus far is SocialScope from the guys at Ubiquitous Systems. Viewing profiles For those of you who have multiple Twitter accounts, this release will make you doubly happy, as it supports adding two different usernames.

Looks like we’re already out of invites for the time being, but stay tuned, as we’re sure SocialScope will be accepting more new users as soon as they can take them!

We think you’d be hard pressed to find a feature that isn’t built in, and if you did, it’s probably only a matter of time before it shows up in another release.

Adding a search tab. Built-in image resizing has also made its way to the “Media” app so that you can cut down on TwitPic upload times.

SocialScope for BlackBerry impressions (and invites!)

It’s possible to add a tab for a new group, search results, or your own recent updates. Second SIM card attack can send texts and phone location data.

socialscope for iphone

You can manage both, and set to tweet from both or just one each time you tweet by just checking off the different boxes in the “What are you doing? We’ve also heard that the app is already being adapted for multiple other platforms yes, that was platforms pluraland that Ubiquitous is actively seeking new opportunities, so if you’re not the BlackBerry type, sit tight — iphobe action might just end up on your device of choice.

socialscope for iphone

Tabs now save between logouts, and you can choose to “refresh on launch” as an option. It not only gets your tweets, but also checks in with Facebook to see what your friends are up to over there. We were told that a new designer has been brought in who is in the process of overhauling the whole app from the ground up, but that won’t be ready until 0.


A necessary update after a rough start. Design and functionality As we mentioned earlier, this app is almost two apps in one. They’ve reiterated over and over that “if you think this is going to only be a Twitter and Facebook application, you are sadly mistaken. And naturally, make sure engadgetmobile is your very first Twitter follow, eh?

Adding a search tab Adding a groups tab Also new in this release is an enhanced profile view.


SocialScope is actually not only a Twitter app, but a Facebook application as well; it aggregates all your tweets and does all the things you’d expect a Twitter client to do, but it also aggregates your friends’ Facebook statuses and photo upload notifications. Managing multiple Twitter accounts. On the downside, we have to point out that some users have reported a fairly substantial memory leak in the app, although this has reportedly been fixed in more recent builds.

From around the web. Devices with BlackBerry OS 4. Currently, this functionality is limited to two accounts for battery and speed issues, but it could be expanded. The app design is fairly straightforward, and in the latest release — 0.

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