The Hang Jammer page of Mk 2. This is because of the Soniccouture samples three different kinds of Hang Drums. You can set a number of randomize levels i. It is a more sturdy design, stays in tune better over time, and has a slightly longer and purer ring. It uses many of the same physical principles to operate. Click for more info.

soniccouture hang drum kontakt

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Featuring 4 articulations, 5 round robin layers, 15 velocity levels and KSP tremolo. The Mk 2 comes in only five different tunings and has only seven notes around the Ding. It is called a Hang Drum.

Soniccouture releases Hang Drum (Kontakt)

We sampled two models, one tuned to C with 8 notes and one in B 9 notes. The ultimate solo Marimba: The definitive and most complete Gamelan set available.

We have presented our Hang Drums in their original keys.

This Halo is tuned to the key of C, and has 8 notes as opposed to 9. The Pan Drums software allows any drum to be played in any key for maximum flexibility.

Download SonicCouture Hang Drum KONTAKT-AiRiSO

Each area was sampled being played with Finger, Slap and knuckle, which is triggered by key-switches. You can set a number of randomize levels i.


Two different ensembles with over 30 Balinese instruments sampled. An Incredibly versatile instrument with a huge bottom spniccouture. This is a Kontakt Player instrument. Not only is the sampled material of the unique Hang instruments of outstanding quality, the massive amount of individual samples 2. DAW, guide you thru Pan Drums instrument and show you a couple of practical audio examples. From the main panel you can select your Pan Drum from a choice of five instruments Shape the sound with an ADSR envelope, or add creative filtering with a wide range of different filter types.

soniccouture hang drum kontakt

The Mk1 had 8 notes around the Ding. What is a Hang Drum? This is because of the Soniccouture samples three different kinds of Hang Drums.

Kontakt Player compatible 5 different pan drums 24bit SubLab sub-bass synthesizer plugin by Future Soniccoutre Workshop. They felt very strongly that if their drums were to be sampled, then they wanted to be there to play them for us – and provide us with the the very best Halos they had available.

Get 11 plugins for the price of 1 through September 30th….

Get Otherworldly Sounds with Pan Drums by Soniccouture

This fantastic real-time peformance tool randomly builds on the notes you play to create organic, evolving sequences from the Hang. Players typically play the Hang resting on their laps. These modes can be triggered by simple key switches.


soniccouture hang drum kontakt

This can be a great feature for live performances. The Hang Mk1 we sampled is in the key of F, but can also be played chromatically in the Pan Drums software.

Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The Mk 2 remained basically the same shape but now had a brass coating on the top hemisphere as well as around the rim.

Soniccouture releases Hang Drum (Kontakt)

Click for more info. Immerse yourself in a world of grainy 80s nostalgia with Retro Hangs drumm hard to find since PANArt only produces them on demand and if they agree to build you one you might have to wait a few years before actually getting it.

No extra purchase necessary.