If you opt to not rotate x-axis name, you can choose a maximum width that will be applied to x-axis name. Whether to show tool tip on chart. Using this, you can set the distance between x-axis title and canvas end. These attributes let you control a variety of functional elements on the chart. This attribute shows or hides the y-axis divisional lines and limits. Whether to show a border around the chart or not. Using the attributes below, you can define the generic font properties for all the text on the chart.


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Lets you specify font face for the x-axis data labels. Color of the trend line and its associated text. None of the above modes are applied For more details click here.

You can also define the chart margins. Using this attribute, you could add prefix to all the numbers visible on the graph. This attribute lets you interact with the legend in your chart. This attribute defines the color of vertical separator line.


Helps you magnify the background image. The character specified as the value of this attribute separates the name and value displayed in tool tip.


This attribute gives you the option to control animation in your charts. Use this URL to define the hotspot link for the chart. If you do stackedbra3d.swf want to animate any part of the chart, set this as 0. Unnecessary space is not reserved for the data labels, in case all of them are shorter than the specified maximum width. By default, the chart shows “About FusionCharts” when right clicked. Using the attributes below, you can define the generic font properties stackedbar3d.sdf all the text on the chart.

Sets the angle of the background color, in case of a gradient. Sets alpha for Canvas Background. Numerical value for the data item.

Whether the column, area, pie etc.

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The label appears on the x-axis of chart. Nothing is rendered in this space. This value over-rides the dataset level value. This attribute lets you control whether series name will show up in tool tip or not.

If you’ve opted for gradient background, you need to set a list of alpha stackecbar3d.swf separated by comma. With the help of this attribute you can specify the number of columns that are to be displayed in the legend. In 3D charts, stackedbar3d.saf refers to the 3D base on which the columns are built.


FusionCharts v3 Documentation

Each chart has 5 pre-defined color palettes which you can choose from. Using the attributes below, you can control a myriad of options like: These lines run through the height of the chart, thereby segregating data into different blocks.

You can define links that open in same window, new window, pop-up window or frames. In our previous example, the series name could have well been and for first and second dataset respectively. Using paletteColors attribute, you can specify your custom list of hex colors for sgackedbar3d.swf data items.

This attribute sets the base font size of the chart i. Each div line assumes a value based on its position.


In vertical charts, 0 means top of canvas and 1 means bottom.