You only need to update the firmware if your device has some serious problems, or if CX gets a proper firmware update we can always dream…. Edited by pawelkrak, 08 January – This update doesn’t flash onto my stick for some reason. I’m chasing down the reseller and the vendor to find out more info and possibly source another update file. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but if you don’t like these, you can remove them Accept Read more.

tcc8925 hdmi dongle driver

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Telechips Releases Linux Kernel 3. After a lot of fiddling, trawling and eventually playing, I wanted to bundle up everything I can on this stick as what I do know about it is spread wide and thin.

Tcc Hdmi Dongle Driver: Archive

Please help Thanks in advance Yours. Im not checked yet.

I have therefor have got a Raspi running Debian. Please use English language when posting replies. This update dgiver flash onto my stick for some reason. Will this firmware help if I re-flash. Please look at this picture and tell me what is going on?


tcc8925 hdmi dongle driver

How to Root thanks to tatubias Download file from here Unzip cx Internal nand is a aditional 4GB microSD card. Do check it for sure.

Posted 20 August – Are you lost, Follow us on Twitter http: Tested and worked under Windows XP. Posted 14 August – I hope all effort sare aimed at bringing out Linux flash with good drivers.

Tcc8925 Hdmi Dongle Driver

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Drivfr cache, resinstalling, running the update scripts don’t work. HI, after updating the wifi now working at all turning the wifi on.

tcc8925 hdmi dongle driver

As an introduction, I ended up with this stick with no markings on inside or outside of casing, didn’t even know the vendor. Anycast M4 Plus p hdmi wifi wireless display dongle for TV.

Cabletech Android Dongle URZ0193 [TCC8925] aka Plute iSMRTV

Posted 08 January – One way to mitigate this memory issue, could be to run Advanced Task Killer to kill all other tasks before running this game. If you had it connected to a screen you should see the video go off. Posted 14 December – About product and suppliers: I thought Zero Devices Z uses Telechips chips.


tcc8925 hdmi dongle driver

Once opened you should see something similar to this screenshot: This is the log for the update: Device Init — Start! Supporting for making the custom sample,some need to pay. The firmware they have supplied doesn’t flash, at least not onto my device. Tried recovering it via ADB. Posted 04 November – This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I had the dgiver message about NAND sizes as jt.