AC — China Plug, 50 Hz. Use the Horizontal Scale knob to set the oscilloscope to an acquisition rate so that there are two or more samples on the deskew edge. The application measures the inter packet gap of the second and the third packet bits. Click here to view the results of the Chirp Host measurement. Feedback Once you have gathered this information, you can contact technical support by phone or through e-mail. Specifying the Equipment-Chirp The following equipment is needed to test Chirp measurement: Generating Reports-Inrush Current Test

tdsusb2 software

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The results contain the time between the beginning of the last SOF before the reset and the start of the device chirp-K.

tdsusb2 software

Cycle the device power. Browse the directory C: The application measures the inter packet gap of the second and the third packet bits. All product names are trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of their respective owners. Host and Device Packets 9. Resume Test Equipment Setup 2. Some minor adaptation of the procedure will softwarre required in those cases.


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Good USB Signal Quality

Device Chirp-K Latency This time must be between 3 ms and 3. You can also use other oscilloscope functions and easily return to the application.

tdsusb2 software

The timing is measured from the beginning of the last SOF transmitted before the reset begins. Click the Enumerate Bus button once to force enumeration of the newly connected device.

You can see the SOFs on the oscilloscope screen. Typically, tdussb2 application does the following steps: Select the Select All toggle button to select all the measurements simultaneously.

tdsusb2 software

Perform the signal path compensation procedure built into the oscilloscopes in the Utility menu if the ambient temperature has changed more than 5 degrees. Display the generated report.

Datasheet – Liberty Test Equipment |

The data generator emulates the IN packets from the host controller. This switches in the data generator in place of the host controller. Generating Reports-Inrush Trsusb2 Test Page If an NI The DG discontinuedthe AWG series and AWG series can be equipped with 5x attenuators for higher resolution of the amplitude adjustments. Specification and price change privileges reserved.


It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Measure the Softward to Positive Peak of the packet from the data generator as in the following figure using the cursors.

Datasheet – Liberty Test Equipment

Typical Equipment Setup-suspend Measurement 5. Mode Mode Select Manual option sftware generate the report. The following figure illustrates the appearance of a negative going Tdzusb2. The following steps verify the Resume response of the device under test: You can select the Cursors and the vertical cursors appear. Make sure the acquired signal is a valid waveform. Connect the Init port of the Device Signal Quality test fixture into a high-speed capable port of the test bed computer.