Clean guitar and gorgeous piano plays in the background while a variety of “characters” tell the story of Israfel’s first mission. More fast and heavy riffs and another chorus destined to be streamed by thousands of Kill Division members. Life I Know Single Version. Another bridge section slowing things down to build again to a pounding final riff. As said above, the music is quite varied in styles and moods. Starborn, Tome I sounds like nothing I heard before, it’s just it.

the chronicles of israfel

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The Equinigma Cover by Marc Durkee. Dual clean guitars dripping out an oriental sounding solo. With the experimental and progressive tag thrust upon the band I expected nothing and everything. I would describe this as a heavy yet melodic rock track filled with amazing solos.

The Chronicles of Israfel – A Trillion Lights, Tome II Review

I am heading to the chronicless next fr The Chronicles Of Israfel photo. Below is a description of each track and the sound you can expect to hear once the album ships.

Footsteps can be heard and whispering voice calling Israfel on a forever road. Then onto some perfect tapping solos. The harsh vocals — the abrasive squawkings of a man tortuously transforming into a seagull — are similarly unappealing. This album would fair so much better if it was completely ixrafel the vocals just do not work well at all.


Another slightly faster and heavy rock track. I have been working for quite some time on this ne The dark and folky interludes that are interspersed in the album for the sake of it are surprisingly good.

The riff is almost Van Israfsl.


Making the heavier track heavier and showing us how good a writer Dominic is. What I actually experienced was something way different.

the chronicles of israfel

Empire Of Light This track did appear for a short time on the Myspace page. You now have access to subscriber-exclusive merchandise.

This is my story”. A clean guitar gives way to the first of many amazing heavy riffs on this album.

Music | The Chronicles Of Israfel

Vocals and guitar that is it! An aggressive and powerful metal opera track.

the chronicles of israfel

Starborn, Tome I Remastered. An instrumental epic with synth and orchestral solos. There is a real sense of cohesion and flow here, largely due to what feels like a switching of focus from the vocals to the instrumentals. Starborn Tome 1 Bridge of Hands Entertainment I can spot similarities in style to bands such as Pain Of Salvation and Dream Theatre, but not in a clone-like manner.


Another heavy riff over the chorus sees this track touch on many emotions. The Equinigma Currently up on the Myspace page. Instantly get everything I make, and then some. This is a taste of the amazing vocal performances throughout the album and Dominic’s ability to tell a story through music and words.

Good moments are swiftly subdued and replaced with whining and poppy flatness. I assure you that you will not be disappointed! Similarly laughable and distracting moments occur throughout the album, which is a shame because there are moments of proficiency that pop their heads up only to be forced back underground. The track starts with a dialogue using voice manipulation equipment for sure.