I’m new to the mod stuff, and need some help. We’re happy to continue improving and adding on to what we have now, but there’s really no other eras we could add as far as the scope of the mod goes, keeping the same factions. Unexpected things happen, so it’s always good to have a few extra. Improved Description s JLC has been working on improved descriptions for all units and heroes. If you have any problems installing or launching the mod, please visit our Tech Support forums.

thrawns revenge 1.3

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Jedi -Corran Horn Ground: We also need a German translator, so if you’re interested in that position, email the same address. Expect a much greater challenge in the future for GC. Lusankya –Soontir Fel Space: Thrawn’s Eevenge is a large-scale mod for Empire at War: Executor-class The most common discussions we’ve seen are about the Executors either being too strong or too weak.

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Era-Based “Tech Levels” The most significant of the gameplay changes that Thrawn’s Revenge offers is the new tech level system. Thrawn’s Revenge is a large-scale mod for Empire at War: Phoenix Rising’s models are, undeniably, really good, regardless of where they get them. Developer Thrawn’s Revenge Development Team.

Major Changes in 1. The original plan was to just release it on the 26th, and then patch it as needed afterwards. Please explain to me why do you have the models like phoenix rising’s and you don’t use them??? Thrawn’s Revenge Development Team Developer.


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Join the community today totally free – or sign in with your social account on the right and revenve in the conversation. We’ve also picked the last batch of beta testers. We prefer the ones we have, and the ones we don’t think are good enough we redo ourselves.

thrawns revenge 1.3

From visuals to the plethora of units, everything fits incredibly well. Before anything else, I want to restate the release date. The TR mod team has also released a slew of images as of late so take a quick thrawnz at them.

thrawns revenge 1.3

Dnst Feb 2 This mod offers the best graphics you can get for eaw. Give yourself a pat on the back now If you want to point out specific models and skins you think need to be redone, feel free, but if you’re playing 1. We have also fixed the bugs thrawnx limited Golan production among other things.

There are currently 64 new land maps thrxwns around planets, so the remaining planets have either been given a map from Empire at War, or the map of a different but suitable planet. If you own the Steam version of EaW, you will have to complete extra steps to run the mod after installation.


Imperial Civil War 1.3 Released news

Originally we were going to have a unique land map for each planet, however due to time constraints this is no longer an option. For example Ysanne Isard, the first leader of the Empire “Tech” 1is able to build Executors, however when you go to “Tech” 2 with Thrawn as the leader, you can no longer build them, but instead you have access to lighter but arguably more versatile units like Star Galleons and Vindicators.

Afro-yoda-ninja Jul 8 They could collaborate on ideas and include the best bits in each others mods? Lusankya -Tycho Celchu Space: Major Changes in 1.

Tyrawns Workshop Download Mirror 2: Not every map was replaced, some vanilla ones remain, and some planets share maps. They still look awesome, and they don’t put nearly as much strain on your system to enjoy them. Developer Thrawn’s Revenge Development Team. Visual ranges have been greatly increased on all ships.

thrawns revenge 1.3

Strikefast -Shial Ground -Stent Space: