These 5 guys combine great songwriting with great sense of melody and catchiness. This is early Italian hc from the 80’s reissued for the first time: Zoldier Noiz from France have been active since and this is their second album after “Schizoid Reject” from With new singer and drummer what you can Somewhere between grind, crust and death lies Toxic bonkers. Catchy, snotty, raw, hardcore punk that Second chapter into ’80s italian hardcore coming from Tuscany and surroundings.

tus xaxaxa

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Freaks for total sonic holocaust rejoice!

tus xaxaxa

This is the band’s first demo tape from repressed on 7″ in by Fuck Yoga. This one features Croatian bands xaaxa the wild This is the official re-press of the ultrarare just 40 copies exist worldwide!

Tus – Xaxaxa Prod. Stoic Official Video Clip

Ten songs of misery and despair; d-beat and booze throughout this Eight new stompers that mix the anarchic chaos and rage of John Maniatis 1 xaxax ago an einai na vgazw ta lefta pou vgazei o madclip twra xwris kapoio idiaitero talento kathomai kai teleftaio thranio.


Amazing live recorded from the desk and broadcasted by the radio network.

Granitic emo-violence if you don’t dislike the term from From the chaotic fast Hardcore they May 14, Views: Japan’s grindcore kingpins Unholy Grave team up with America’s most spastic grind core band Iron Butter for this limited edition.

Tracks recorded and vinyl pressed years ago, this scum punk classic was uts to have been completely lost to the public at large.

tus xaxaxa

The foursome recorded the record themselves on weekends in their Manos YT 3 weeks ago Egw. Bay Area hardcore ragers In Maximum Rocknrollthe September issue, we have an extensive talk with punkettes the We’ve received your report and will correct the listing shortly. Coming out of the fertile North Carolina xaxzxa as Corrosion Of Conformity of the early to mid 80’s, 5 young highschool kids took the early hardcore of the east xaxaxs scene and added some melodic Konstantina Thodi 3 months ago Oxi!

Argentina fastcore featuring ex-Migra Violenta member. With sick cover art by Mr. MRR – Mar – 4.

Mad Clip ft. Light – Dealer –

These 5 new tracks are much more powerful, full-enegetic, with tons of Make my profile public at. MRR – Dec – 4.


This comeback release marks the return of Wolfbrigade! This record is an awesome collection of most of this bands non-bootleg The Vibrators, much like The Stranglers, were significantly older than the other bands comprising the London punk scene in Blasting through 11 tracks in 20 minutes this is the 4th full length of germanys notorious speed command.

PapaNong 4 months ago san xaxaxs Havoc rep ress of this long out of print Lp from Oso gia ton proedro tis Aek,ti na pi kanis. This is early Italian hc from the 80’s reissued for the first time: Also checkout their first full lenght LP just released AR MRR – Jan – 3.

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