The map has already been edited by someone else other than the original creator Ancannus. You control a Naga and you have to dodge the tornadoes. Uther Party Ultima-X Map. Everyone controls a unit that is permanent invisible and has a spell that will kill other players nearby. Players have to constantly move their main unit in a circular manner dodging some fireballs that form a cross and keeps spinning.

uther party ultima

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You have to cast the assassin ability you have on other players.

uther party ultima

Players have to cast the same spell that Archimonde is casting each round. This new version has been edited by me.

Also, on original Uther, Archimonde would cast “Bloodlust” only after 5 rounds, and “Cripple” after 10 rounds. In the original Uther, after the 10th round, the time to cast spell is really low, so basically all players lose quickly and “Cripple” is mostly a useless spell. Then please contact the administration. The poll for Hive’s 12th Concept Art Contest is up!

Autohost Uther Party Ultima-X fix0.

Uther Party Ultima-X | HIVE

UndeadImmortalAug 21, It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules. Click here to customize your rank or read our User Rank Policy to see a list of ranks that you can unlock. ModeratorAug 21, Players must type the text patry as it appears in the screen.


uther party ultima

This bundle is marked as substandard. Players’ units now have an alpha RGBA value of 0, which means that even if someone is using map hack, they will have some difficulties locating the invisible enemies. The Greatest of Adventures is upon us with the 8th Cinematic Contest.

uther party ultima

Making it possible to happen in early rounds seemed interesting to me, since its hotkey “C” is a little misplaced in relation to others “R”, “T” and “B” and actually requires skill. I believe I may hther fixed this one, but I don’t really know.

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Obey Archimonde bug fix, gameplay improvement ] Game description: The contest is optionally paired. Everyone controls a unit that is permanent invisible and has a spell that will kill other players nearby.

The camera will return to the normal state utheer case you accidentally change your camera settings in-game by pressing delete, insert or moving mouse wheel. Should I just create another suggestion topic?

Just another question, what is the procedure in case I release another version? The collision size of the unit has been reduced, so there is more freedom of movement and the math behind the angle calculation was reworked.


Uther Party Ultima-X

Updated Resource Submission Rules: Join in on a fun ride. Major rework on backstabbing detection, with different levels of accuracy.

Some games make excessive use of enumeration and “for” functions in a row. All of them are supposed to die, but original Uther Party bugs when this happens, so some of the players supposed to die would stay alive and the entire minigame would be corrupted, possibly never ending, or if the players are lucky, the game won’t be stuck be players would die in a seemingly random order. Jun 27, Messages: Show us a permission from the author first before uploading. No registered users and 6 guests.

You have a unit with a spell that spawns a fireball that will move in a straight line based on the facing direction of the caster. Now the text is redisplayed in case someone leaves.