What is the VOA folder? Delivery Options see all. Select Address and enter the city. Its versatility allows you to use either GPS or the Tablet according to the needs of each moment and anywhere, thanks to its powerful Wi-Fi. This means that you can: The established configuration will allow you to define routes to your destination taking into account specific restrictions for your heavy vehicle. Tap the Apps button on the main screen of your Navlet 2.

vexia navlet 2 truck

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vexia navlet 2 truck

Change POIs names or add more data. Android is permanently synchronized with Google.

Spanish Company Crambo SA introduced Vexia Line

Please provide a valid price range. You will find the default apps in the APK vexix. Truck GPS, truck navigation and routing designed for truckers by Unit but GPS is mandatory since my justification was to get a tablet to.

For further information including dpi, JPEG images and spec sheets. If your Navlet 2 has no sound, do the following: You may have doubts about this, especially if you have bought an app and for one reason or another you have to restore default settings on your Navlet 2 White.


Vexia Navlet: The navigator tablet

Then, the Android icon will turn orange and on your computer you will see a dialog box that will show you trck storage drive of your Navlet 2: Moreover, you can download hundreds of them. Double cable Male to Male. Compra-venta de audi a4 de ocasin sin intermediarios. You can also check whether the Sound lock option is deactivated. Moreover, while you are heading to your destination you can memorize your current position and save it as a Favourite.

This may lead to incorrect indications.

vexia navlet 2 truck

How can I get more information about my route? A device for users looking for something different and unique.

Gps vexia 420 truck

It is important not to execute this option, as it will erase your Navlet 2 system completely. It basically fits between your mount and RAM ball.

Popular articles Broadband World Forum: With OneClickUpdate vedia can keep your software and speed camera database up-to-date. How do I add my current position? Skip to main content.

vexia navlet 2 truck

Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The G9x Audio Kit is your solution. With this option you can define which POIs will be shown on the map. Contact us Crambo S. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Two in one Vexia Navlet perfectly combines its role as Tablet with an advanced GPS navigation software, with attractive and understandable graphics and updated maps that will help you to navigate easily.


We will use Address as an example: Travel via… to compute a route that goes through a certain location. Find answers to the most frequent questions about Navlet General Data connection with Vodafone.

Ttuck starter kit reduces the heat of the vehicles up to 40 percent. Works even if car has no PDC! Vexia 12 via Google Translate.

The versatility and carrying capacity of a. The perfect combination to enjoy the best digital content and advanced navigation.