That would be way too much work. But I can get very close to unbeatable. And what is a map without its triggers? I will deprotect anything for cash. Are you working with war3map.

vexorians map optimizer

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Could you tell me vexoriams you downloaded your version from? It’s fine i can send you my map. In my defense, I do know – and live by – that rule see i. Check out the Staff job openings thread.

Wc3 Map optimizer | HIVE

One, I have no means of receiving payment except through PayPal. Your username will probably be Hygarion. My name is Danial Shah by the way, you can call me Danial.

vexorians map optimizer

Strange thing is, my PayPal account is not activated either, but I can still send or receive money. Within this week I confirm my decision to you. Is the link I’ve post some time ago? I decided to throw in terrain too, so its gonna be 9MB, not 5. Only the editor uses these files, the game uses war3map. This renders the war3map. I treat you like my own friend, not like an unknown stranger.


The Optimizer does this automatically You can delete the following files from your map to make it unopenable. Yeah, the widgetizer likes to eat things.

vexorians map optimizer

The Spazzler tool is really impressive. A handy note to all website administrators: I looked around the Warcraft folder for any files that seem out of place, nothing seemed to be there. Because if the program you said xdep is Russian, it may be in Russian. The file will be attached as a zip archive containing the deprotected map and all vexoians files within.

Is this map optimizer + protector good?

In other words, no drawbacks! No optimization at all. Battle of Space V3. So, you know that I’m the one who asking the question at THW. I’m willing to spend my money, but not for something that is not worth for me, even it is 1 cent.

If you can, make it in GUI. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. I’ve played maps bigger than mine but their loading time is about 10 seconds max.


If I have any problems or what else, I just contact you here. But File 1 and File 2 should look exactly the same after one round of protection “optimization”. Well, it didn’t work on my bro’s computer… I’ll try to see what I can do, since I can no longer re-install warcraft… Anyways, thanks 3ICE for your help. Get rid of that junk!

vexorians map optimizer

There’s an instruction I followed: Proof that I unlocked the map: