Evolution rules of status. Write an article about this review to help new users: I agree the Terms Of Service. Web users can click on an object in a video and be directed to fun facts, product info or a Web site. You can receive Cents simply by watching videos provided by different advertisers on this website.


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Net, you agree to all the terms and conditions on this page. It is obvious that the image is one of the elements that United has been to the world of marketing since its birth and that television has taken advantage videclix their favor to give added value to the message and make it more attractive and dynamic.

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All purchases are Final. The Vancouver-based company makes online video distribution platform. If you want to use other payment procesors like: Videoclix with Starcom MediaVest and its partners decline to name which video authoring software formats are still in the running.


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Net is a new innovative service that allows: However, this type of interactive video advertising has not Continue reading Dissemination and Educational Video Distribution on the Web. Write an article about this review to help new users: Six in number, the statutes reflect the trust we place in the payment reliability of a rewarding site.

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You can receive Cents simply by watching videos provided by different advertisers on this website. You will only see this message once. videoclxi


Status View payment proofs. Cents are our virtual currency rewards for watching videos on our website, which can be converted in real money, received by payment methods offered on our website: You must be a member to be able to post here.

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You will find 10 videos to view for a set time sec. Remember me Forgotten password? You are the owner of the site reviewed here or you own the referral link of this review: We can be reached via Contact Us form. The partnership will enable the Revision3 audience to click on different objects within a video-including Videocclix reading Pop-up Interactive Video Advertising Video for the Digital Age.