This also applies to the CD, which is also a digital storage medium and has standardized values 16bit, 44, heart. One can not touch it. You can post them in other sections. I am down with flo, concerning the ortofon concorde nightclub The bigger the picture, the more impressed the viewer is.

vinylmania arte

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A spot for keeping track of especially cool informative, fun videos, photos, scans and other links about record cutting. It is worth it!


The cold plastic cover of the standard CDs does not trigger any emotions. In comparison to the music file, the sense of sight is added. Return to The Reference Archive.

vinylmania arte

A record can be picked up and touched. The differences are already clear: You can post them in other sections. And the yearning for sensuality has not changed for generations, even today. However, the subjective perception of hearing and previous listening habits play vlnylmania enormously important role. Mass downloads on home computers instead of pressing plants for records.

vinylmania arte

But instead of a winner, there will certainly continue to be peaceful coexistence, because the human being as a sloth tends mostly to the practical, to the comfortable. Paolo Campana brings us viewers the vinyl a bit closer and he succeeds interesting and entertaining.


Vinylmania – bionicsounds

True vinyl junkies explain this through the sensual experiences, through stories connected to the objects of their desire. As far as the documentary is of course not. It is not a mass phenomenon and will probably not become one. All times are UTC.

vinylmania arte

These questions will probably never be answered conclusively. He does not want that either. The vibylmania the picture, the more impressed the viewer is. This also applies to the CD, which is also a digital storage medium and has standardized values 16bit, 44, heart. But the record never disappeared completely. Eventually they may end up here.

Anyone who asks for a needle for a record player at one of the major electronics stores today either triggers a laughing fit from vinylnania sales staff, reaps a completely vinylmanix look, or gets the counter question, what that is? It is undisputed that it depends very much on the format of the digital audio file, that was correspondingly strongly compressed and cut in the frequencies or not.

Late, but just in time, I discovered on the TV channel Arte one of these special documentary films from the year What cartridges would you recommend for normal playback, and which ones for DJing? In the real world of experience CD and vinyl still offer the difference already mentioned that they can be touched and thus appeal to the sense of touch, while in the music file vinylmanix the carrier medium, such as. What I remember that testes was done with concorde on laquers.


The Secret Society of Lathe Trolls

The record factories that have held on are seeing increasing order numbers. I’ve seen several of your posts about this subject. Meanwhile, there are again newly opened arrte, so no leftover nostalgia bouts who sell only the big black shellac discs. Anyway, most fans swear that a record just sounds livelier and warmer. The record, on the other hand, is an analogue medium that does not involve circumcision when it comes to frequencies. But I’ll pick up the DVD anyway