Well panic a little bit since you have to do a full reset of your TiVo but it is fixable. Congratulations you are now the owner of an expanded and blessed TiVo hard drive. For the majority of people this step is unneeded and can be safely skipped. GreenMonkey , Dec 29, In my experience this command has no negatives and does not appear to impact TiVo’s performance in any way. It should be around HD hours for a 4TB drive. Confirm again with ‘y’ and enter.

winmfs 9.3

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If and when a fix becomes available I will post it here. As such if you plan on moving a drive or drive image from one Tivo to another it is advisable to deactivate all the various apps before doing the copy. In the case of the Premiere this is This might necessitate you needing to go back to your original drive and using whatever update procedures have been developed at that time.

Highlight you original drive and press the “Select” button.

winmfs 9.3

Then just press the “Start” button and wait. While not necessarily optimum for a desktop PC for a TiVo these properties are perfect since TiVo never really stresses the drives performance. This will mean the process takes slightly longer but it won’t be a massive difference. The precise layout and menu structure of your bios will differ but mine is show below for reference.

winmfs 9.3

Just follow the link below to get to amazon. Let TiVo rebuild itself to be a single drive TiVo again. If you have a modern Tivo, purchased in the last 3 or 4 years and a new hard drive you do not need to worry about this. KIK DOWNLOAD FREE

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Hopefully it will only show wonmfs single drive as above. Follow us below the fold to see the approach we took to upgrading our TiVo HD. Press ‘Y’ then the enter key to accept this drive as the source drive. This can be a little tricky. Press and hold the power button of your PC so that it powers off. A common error that occurs when trying to fix a broken Tivo winmds that it displays Error 51 on startup.

Go through guided setup and you should then be good to go. The new Roamio can accept a blank drive and during the booting process will automatically install the Tivo software on this drive including any hard drive space updates. You can always copy them back once you complete the winkfs [although if your cable company sucks, like mine Time Warner 93. illegally marks most shows as copy prohibited you will not be able to do this – probably the best justification there is for using Bittorrent].

winmfs 9.3

So please don’t be put off by the length of this document. You can obtain the latest version from this thread registration required.

How to upgrade your TiVo HD with WinMFS

An example that is reported to work great is: Thus if your new drive is 3TB in size or less then the procedure is extremely simple and makes use of the BOLT’s autoformat facilities. If that does not work you can also get the BOLT enabled version herebut I encourage you to try to register to download it from the TiVo community thread first in case there have been any updates. Plus note about use of solid state drives. This takes about 5 to 10 minutes depending on your hardware.


Go through the guided setup – you skip as much as you want here since this is just to get to the point where you can reset everything as described in step This will take you back to the 99.3 menu where you can press ‘z’ and then enter to Supersize your disk. A note of caution here, avoid running anything else why this copy is running. Do you really want TiVo recording 20 hours of HD infomercials? Use the Premiere method described below. Secondly if you use a cable card with your Tivo you may need to call your cable company to re-pair these depending on how aggressive your cable operator is with authentication [ rarely required ].

How to upgrade your TiVo HD with WinMFS

I assume you do so hit yes. Hence if you keep the old drive somewhere safe if anything goes wrong they need never know that you opened your TiVo. Press ‘r’ and then enter to choose another operation.