Hip Hop Upload by: I know you’re probably busy off working somewhere Helpin’ somebody, build a house or somethin’ neat You told me what you did, carpentry, right? Rittz – The Love Above Format: Ides Fifth grade with a switchblade Pentagrams on my fake watch Levis from the thrift shop Busta Rhymes on my feet, FUCK Daddy’s back in the penitentiary now Clay stuck in my cleats, WHAT Mamma’s all in the J O B Flame tip to that cheaba cheaba Seeds poppin’ like Bama does Meet girls in these green Adidas Grass stains from the walk home Cargo pants full of M80’s Crushed pills in my watch pocket NoDoz at least ten daily Geeked up, tripped out Tired eyed, brain fried Mouth full, lips out Mushrooms, sack dried Backwoods cannot hold the dope Gotta half an O in a crystal bowl Young girls in a web trap Brainwashed liked a vegetable Take some of this blood soup Kinfolk it’s just me and you Blood mates with a twenty-two Witchcraft and the bitch is through [Hook: I must be Jim Morrison to get a motherfucking girl like you Don’t know what I did in my past life but it must have been something cool Cause I’m a whiskey drinkin’, fight provoking, cigarette smoking dude I got a problem with my, attitude it’s hard for me to keep cool But when I look at you, I see me, a reflection of a real soul Some part of me, if I may seem, loose and out of control It ain’t the drink talkin’ it’s me talking, fuck if everyone knows You my girl and that’s that, so hop on the back of this bike and roll Let’s roll now [Chorus: Fishing hook on the hat brim Grease under my white nails Hard truth to this false world Learned quick to fight well Give thanks to the microwave I’m a chef when I’m home alone Tryin’ a cook a banana peel for me and Betty to smoke on Tin foil with a big bend makes no smoke, hood smoke Before the [?

yelawolf ft rittz bowties mp3

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I don’t know I guess integrity goes a long way man Gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em Shady Records So american [Hook 2: I’m out the gate like a race horse, made in the A of course That’s A for Alabama, I’ll be damned if I say Georgia Tennessee in this bitch, I got some Hennessy that’s paid for Give me the big bottle, fuck it, if I break it, I’ll pay for it My ladies laying in the Chevrolet and I say “Lord Thank you for giving me this baby girl on a suede horse” Yeah, this telawolf no gay Ford I’m pushing bowties till I die and I’m riftz ride ’til my legs sore Vogues I got a set “4”, plus a Beretta sitting in the floor Better protect yours [Hook: Reaching my own shit, ready to hang me down You’re an original, you know when you’re standing out You just staying around, ready for God ’cause like a wiz they panning out Pulling your panties up, oh!

Dixxxie Cup – RittZ. Been on that shit, where’s the atlas?

yelawolf ft rittz bowties mp3

I ain’t never give a fuck, I could never give a fuck now So put the chain on my bike, yeah Put that bitch back on the sprocket, Give me the pistol before you cock it Let me throw a bullet in the clip for luck for us Pour up, yeah, poppin’ these, shockin’, ain’t it mane? I know you’re probably busy off working somewhere Helpin’ somebody, build a house or somethin’ neat You told me what you did, carpentry, right?


While this moon is up, I want to ride around with you in the trunk. Come and pitch a tent You ain’t tying me down I’m not a bus ride you can hop inside and just roll away clean Like the wheel on the wagon you wanna break Cause I hold up the weight for the team I’m not the gold watch and the new truck that your scheming to check out Unless your looking to check out powpowpow What a mess, now come on [Hook: At the coffin Where’s my blue sky?

Joey Cook 3 Size: Aqualeo – Bipolar Ft.

MixtapeMonkey | Yelawolf & DJ Paul – Black Fall (EP)

Oh oh Till it’s gone. AK clappin, no nigga pow that Choppers always, coppers all get Young, we barely to live yleawolf the bowtids Death to my haters, say bitch to your coffin Death to them coffin, ten toes down motherfucker I’m owling Ya’ll play too much, get to pause it Remind yourself that the Wolf is a auction Going once, going twice,balling!

Heart Break lyrics – Yelawolf. Jackson Zippers in the red jacket, who’s bad?

yelawolf ft rittz bowties mp3

Damn right I got molly And I got a bottle of that folly in the dolly Can you please excuse my swag I don’t mean to ruin the party I’m a nigga that’s naughty Hanging with my nigga from another, Yelawolf Step up in the club, whole club got took Drink a metheglin, hundred bitches got took Got took Bang her til she yell like a wolf ah-woooooooh Than I jump back in the ride Still got my condom on but a nigga gotta slide Cause her boyfriend just came with thirty niggas ready ride Put a brother on the hoes holding up picket signs [Hook].

Long wings like dead See city girls, bathroom nightmare Seats back in the line You already know who make these!

The Black Bow Ties

JL – What You Heard feat. The discography of Rittzan American hip hop artist, consists of four studio albumseight singlestwo mixtapesand thirteen music videos.

yelawolf ft rittz bowties mp3

Tech N9neMurs. JL – Living To Die feat. I give love when it’s equal Don’t tell me not to complain about yleawolf money and fame When you come around me telling me I’ve changed Damn, right I’ve fucking changed When there’s fucking change in my pocket hit the bucket Ye,awolf was a rocking all a sudden I went from shopping without nothing To going shopping for my cousins Now that the cops know that I’m buzzing, They wanna drop me in the oven Pull me over just to rityz “I’m a fan” Hip hop; gotta love it, but fuck it [Hook: Rittz – Turning Up The Bottle.

Gudang Lagu Mp3 Terbaru You start to lose weight like they pausing in ya So go and idle down, my nigga, pardon a nigga Fuck around and I’m a put a part in a nigga Fuck around, I’m a pull apart the nigga Applaud a nigga, straight from the block Lord, my nigga, you know the game don’t stop, that’s Matt Thomas 34 Yyelawolf Word, oh for sure, yours truly, at the door Had to add a syllable to that word Country, but, oh, of course Bitches go berserk for certainly, no need to be coerced Odd economy, don’t need no nine-nine-nine-nine-nine and I yelawofl Just the na, na, na, na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye, and hey, let’s roll These hoes are no good, pills are okay I just wanna get high, fuck what you say Wild, the pen-play kind of like a samurai sword With a big bitch, bow to sensei Motherfuckin’ bitch, it’s pay your rent day Do I not look like my name was MJ One glove and a fuckin’ pair of penny loafers And I moonwalk on the tempo like Billy Jean is not my friend, no [Hook] ylawolf Or am I a little too late?


Whiskey In A Bottle lyrics – Yelawolf.

Yelawolf Lyrics:

Breathe in, breathe out and breathe ‘Cause this fire in me Breathe in, breathe out It ain’t going out Breathe in, breathe out I was born to be this shit Breathe in, breathe out Just gotta realize Cause all my life I’ve been a firestarter I don’t know what it is about my soul that’s got me hot and bothered Somebody find me water, somebody find me water Cause I’m hotter than a preacher’s daughter, Hotter than dry leaves in August Yeah, I’m a firestarter!

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go Let’s go, let’s go Yeah, I’m on my shit now Yea doo-doo brown Tell that fat bitch take a doo-doo now Cause I got that shit Yelawolf up in this motherfucker with voodoo now I’m a mastermind [Hook: Look at my name up under the marquee And throw up in your lap bitch Still a renegade Still up in the Chevrolet Sippin 7 with the lemonade, bitch I’m a moonwalker Star lit like a car sits in the dark when you have parked it like a nude stalker Catfish billy I’m the king of the lowlifes Show up at the show with a bunch of rich folks like I’d like to have ran into a light pole right before they walked in Car crashed and then bar dashed in a Hertz rental with a fat lip like Burt Reynolds moustache We drink it up Fuck that we drank it up then tear it down Crank it up like a pro hound that’s beat up and doo-doo brown Doo-doo brown?

Tech N9ne – Stop The Sailor. Fiddle Me This lyrics – Yelawolf. Nah roll tide and roll Chevy’s My momma rolls joints Smoke rolls off of the tip Daddies a rolling stone I’m rolling in shit with these pigs In south side Who you rolling with in the sticks?