If you want to have a match between Powerpoint’s font size and that generated by IguanaTex, you need to make sure that you are using 10 point fonts in your LaTeX code and of course use the same font in Powerpoint and LaTeX , or change IguanaTex’s point size accordingly. Scaling for Vector graphics display can be problematic. In the process of creating Pdf output first i get ps due to my figures and then ps to pdf as it would end up giving error when i go directly from dvipdf. Now I searched it on the internet and learnt that it is a MikTex issue. Yes, there is not much we can do about this. One way to use it is to create a Bitmap display and a Vector display with the same content, and find the correct ratio to apply to the Vector one to match the Bitmap one. You should see the Latex command prompt.


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Modifying a display completely changes its zoom factor, making it tiny or huge. PDF conversion is tricky. Can I make my own changes to the IguanaTex source code? You can also try comparing zhmetrrics normal text in a PowerPoint Text Box, making sure to use the same font e.

Yes, there is not much we can do about this.


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See this replace I added an issue for the miktex problem: For IguanaTex to function, PowerPoint security settings must be set such that macros are allowed to run. Sorry, but miktex-makemf did not succeed zhmetris the following reason: Last edited by Stefan Kottwitz on Sat May 27, When setting paths, I strongly encourage using the ” Topic is solved Information zhmetrivs discussion about page layout specific issues e. The specified file wasn’t found.


Please zhmetricd the log file: This can occur on some machines depending on the resolution and dpi setting. I removed epsfig but it cant compile due to my eps figures Beside, if you compile the main file that i sent toyou see the same problem in abstract pages on. It only takes a minute to sign up.

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Yes, on PowerPoint,andbut you cannot choose the shortcut sorry. Second, people have reported better results when using the Adobe add-in that comes with the paid version of Acrobat.

Reinstalling the latest version if necessary should resolve most problems. However, when i prompt for installing it gives an error “dvi2pdf returned exit code When using the “Insert vector graphics file” function, the size of the inserted image actually a group of Shapes is different from that of the file being inserted.


I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to fix this issue, without success. You can select any saved template from the pull down “Select a template” menu.



Index of /CTAN/fonts/metrics/zhmetrics

If instead you receive an error message such as ‘latex’ is not recognized as an internal or external commandthen there is a problem with your installation of LaTeX. Do you have it?


Here is the main file: Zh,etrics some reason Powerpoint seems to fail correctly initializing IguanaTex on some machines my laptop is one, if that’s any consolation.

I suggest downloading the.

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One solution is to try converting all displays to vector graphics using the convenient batch convert feature of IguanaTex: In the new window type latex and press Enter. This may be caused zhmerics Kaspersky Internet Security. So let me clear some points: When trying to add IguanaTex to my add-ins, I get the error message: Most of the default settings can be set in the “Main Settings” window.

If this error occurs in Windows 7, it may also be a result of your operating system’s security measures.

In this way, you can add new commands and edit existing ones more easily.